First Look: FY! Magazine #7

October 13th, 2015 |Posted by jonathan

Fashion fans are nothing if not passionate, and that passion can sometimes tip over into, yes, obsession, making an appropriate theme for the new issue of Fucking Young, out next week. And who better to illustrate that idea than cover star Lucky Blue Smith, the male model whose million-plus Instagram followers can be as rabid, frantic, and compulsive as they come. Smith is photographed, looking every bit the dauphin, by the legendary duo Pierre et Gilles, who describe their lush, baroque aesthetic in an accompanying interview within. The rest of the issue devotes itself to very 2015 crazes, from Instagram selfies and Tumblr collages to retro vinyl fetishization. Sven de Vries is photographed by Giovanni Squatriti and styled by Daniele Umberto Maria Pellegrinetti in a shiny nighttime extravaganza, while Erik van Gils is captured by Florian Joahn and Jeanpaul Paula in eye-catching prints and patterns. Tom Barker, Brian Shimansky, Oran Katan, and Leo Vlasic bid farewell to summer in a searing Fire Island retreat photographed by Chuando & Frey and styled by Garth Condit, and Pablo Saez and Alberto Murtra tweak the cleanliness of Dior Homme’s suiting for Fall in a feature that riffs on the classic horror film Peeping Tom. Take an exclusive first look at the new issue, available for preorder here below.

Lucky Blue Smith photographed by Pierre et Gilles

Omari Phipps @ Premier Models photographed by Mattias Bjorklund

Thomas @ REBEL management photographed by Michaeël Smits

Henry Hatherley @ Premier Models photographed by Michiel Meewis

Morris Pendlebury photographed by Saverio Cardia

Interview with Pierre et Gilles

Jon Cooper @ Select Model Management photographed by Roman Goebel

Photographed by Roman Goebel

interview with Mark Colle

Photographed by Filip Custic and Kito Muñoz

Sven de Vries photographed by Giovanni Squatriti

Erik @ Elvis Models photographed by Florian Joahn

Caoimhin O’Brien @ View Management photographed by Pablo Saez

Hamilton Seguin and Clara Deshayest photographed by Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Brian Shimansky @ Soul Artist Mangement photographed by Chuando & Frey

Oran Katan @ Soul Artist Management and Leo Vlasic @ Soul Artist Management photographed by Chuando & Fre

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