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Twist & Shout

July 16th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Fashion breeds competition. Mey Bun and Tao Okamoto duke it out for Vogue Russia in a series of energetic shots that have the duo pushing, pulling and dancing across the page. Simon Robins‘ maximalist styling and Terry Tsiolis‘ stark photography are on point but Tao and Mey are the absolute stars of the show.

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Girl Boy Girl

July 15th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Admit it, studio shoots can get a little tedious, even the most energetic model can only jump so high and rarely is a plain background inspirational. There are of course exceptions to the rule – sometimes all you need are the right pairing of photographer, model and stylist to make an editorial shine. This month’s Bazaar teams up Karolin Wolter‘s effortless chic, Terry Tsiolis attention to detail and Brana Wolf‘s expert styling to create a story that focuses on the power of the clothes themselves. With her lithe figure and edgy crop, everything looks good on Karolin but the tomboy chic ensembles she sports in this story make her look even cooler than usual.


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Alternate Dimensions

July 10th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

In what has to be the coolest magazine gimmick in a long while, the latest issue of Dazed & Confused is presented in 3D. What better way to take in Terry Tsiolis‘ energetic shots of rising star Julia Hafstrom? The Prada stunner literally jumps off the page the second you put on your 3D glasses and Nicola Formichetti‘s futuristic styling fits the theme perfectly.

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Money Honey

June 16th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

The diva returns! Snejana Onopka is pretty in pink on the cover of Vogue Russia. The waifish supermodel lends her trademark attitude to a Terry Tsiolis story where she works it out in daring pieces from Ann Demeulemeester and Armand Basi. Simon Robins‘ daring fashion choices and Snejana’s ability to make everything look like a million bucks make for a high gloss affair.

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May 12th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

VMan is dedicated to pushing mens fashion forward. The Summer 09 edition gives us a taste of what’s to come for fall and focuses on the designers committed to bringing menswear into the forefront – Rick Owens, Riccardo Tisci, Rei Kawakubo and  Raf Simons, just to name a few. Terry Tsiolis creates an edgy portfolio celebrating fashion on the fringe and models Joseph Culp, Kyle Saunders, Julian Hennig, Andrey Ivanov, Devin Childers, Tomek Szczukiecki, Danny Schwarz, William Eustace, Mikus Lasmanis, Keith Browning & Ludwig P are all enlisted to add attitude. The clothes may be designer but Jay Massacrets savvy styling is all about the youthful eccentricity of street culture.


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Darya Rising

January 21st, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Former Top 10 Newcomer and all around star in the making Darya Kurovska, makes her Vogue Russia debut in an only girl story by Terry Tsiolis. Dolled up in rebel denim and grunge meets Veronica Lake hair Darya is the picture of youthful vigor. Intensity is the keyword – with her soulful stare Darya radiates an energy that is downright kinetic.





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Dark Victory

November 21st, 2008 |Posted by Janelle

Anna Selezneva, keeps going strong in Vogue Russia. The powerful beauty strikes a series of serene poses for Terry Tsiolis. Selezneva alternates between looking glamorous and androgynous – showing her knack for drama and variation.

Anna Selezneva (Silent Models) by Terry Tsiolis for Vogue Russia | Scans by AChat

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Men At Work

October 13th, 2008 |Posted by Janelle

Boys most wanted Taylor Fuchs and Tomek Szczukiecki are dapper and sleek in the latest issue of Man About Town. Shot by Terry Tsiolis, the refined pair display the season’s most classic menswear suits. Taylor looks as dynamic as ever and former Model of the Week, Tomek shines in suave Tom Ford.

Taylor Fuchs and Tomek (bothWilhelmina New York) by Terry Tsiolis

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