Glass Celebrates Six Years

March 23rd, 2016 |Posted by steven.yatsko

Glass Magazine‘s latest spring issue celebrates the publication’s 6th anniversary by way of multiple covers including four exemplary faces. Top models Magdalena Frackowiak, Sam Rollinson, Alessandra Ambrosio and Nadja Bender all lend their respective grace to create some gorgeous fronts for the issue. See them all below before issue #25 hits stands.

Sam Rollinson by Aitken Jolly (Serlin Associates) | Stylist Sam Ranger (Serlin Associates)

Magdalena Frackowiak by Aitken Jolly (Serlin Associates) | Stylist Sam Ranger (Serlin Associates)

Nadja Bender by Bojana Tatarska | Stylist Marine Braunschvig

Alessandra Ambrosio by Stewart Shining (Walter Schupfer Management) | Stylist Nicola Kavanagh

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California Dreamin’

June 4th, 2015 |Posted by steven.yatsko

Unpublished image courtesy of Stewart Shining

The Atomics, collectively Lucky Blue, Pyper America, Queen Starlie, and Daisy Clementine, are the Smith’s fabulously good-looking brother-sister band, and yes those are their real names. While many know Lucky Blue, who comes to the table with so much social media clout at only 17, the Atomics can’t be greater than the sum of its parts without each other, and together they’re bound to be a phenomenon. We speak to Stewart Shining who photographed the blue-gazed sensations for Vanity Fair Italy on working with the beautiful and talented family.

Photographer/Director Stewart Shining | Fashion Editor Selin Bursalioglu |Hair Davy Newkirk | Makeup Artist Matthew VanLeeuwen Video by MILK DGTL

The Atomics-Vanity Fair Italia from Stewart Shining

Did you know much about the group going into the shoot, specifically the social media mania that surrounds them?

When the shoot came in, it was just referred to as a “sunglasses story,” so I guessed I’d start the LA casting from NY. Then Vanity Fair Italia emailed and asked what I thought about doing it on a young band, The Atomics. I hadn’t heard of them, so did a quick Google, saw a few pics of them, and was like “YES!” The pics I saw were a little bit cheesy- a little too tweeny for me, but I thought, “Wow, I can really make great pics with them…” Oddly, I only went for visuals, and didn’t check their social media presence. I guess it was a busy week… 🙂

How was the family dynamics of the “Smiths” while shooting?

Let me put it this way. I was in the location van, on this random crazy weird (visually) street in Venice, and I hear someone say “Ummmm, I think they’re here…” I look up, and it was like a dream. These 4 kids, all just BEYOND great looking in the kind of way they moved- carefree and happy- and then as I got closer I was like “holy smokes, these are seriously good looking kids!” I popped out of the van and introduced myself. I don’t know what to say. There’s something very special about their bond, the way they’re a unit, a pack, and yet individually unique and one as sweet and cool as the other. I explained what we were doing for the day, and threw them into hair and makeup, and then just started shooting individuals and groups as they got ready. MILK Digital was there, to shoot moving image not as B-roll but as a companion piece. So the whole shoot was easy and a blast. It was like a photo fest. If I was shooting one and any of the others weren’t changing, they’d hop out and come watch or egg on their brother or sister. Totally cool, chill, fun day.

Thoughts on all the colorful names? Lucky Blue, Pyper America, Queen Starlie, and Daisy Clementine… must have been fun to direct them.

First thought – SHEER PANIC. I’m known for being the WORST with names- I mean when I’m shooting I give lots of direction and encouragement so the “the name” thing comes up a lot. Like I’ll say under my breath to my assistant “I am COMPLETELY blanking. WHO am I shooting?” (meaning their name) SO I took it head on this time. I fessed during our little group meeting, had each one of them look me in the eye and tell me their names, and how to remember them, then did a pop quiz with them and myself when they were in hair and makeup fittings. I have to say, it WORKED! I probably only messed up once or twice, and with FOUR unusual names, I thought that rocked.

So, Lucky Blue–what do you think is the source of his power?

Juice Bars??! They got a lot of those in LA… Ha! Kidding. I think that his sheer physical presence- the height, those piercing blue eyes and pale skin. And the fact that he’s not a model first and foremost, he has a different sense of himself which then translates thru the camera. Plus he’s fun, happy and polite. That goes for his sisters too.

Was it strange being around one family that’s so darn… good looking?

For me, it was stranger being around a family with such a strong similar visual thread running through them. I told them this before we started, because it’s an odd thing with me. My two siblings and I are all adopted from separated sets of biological parents, so no one ever looked like anyone else. So I get almost freaked out, when I see siblings that have that. Literally. I’m like “whoaaa! I feel like someone slipped me a mickey because everyone looks alike! Freaking me out!” One of my first published pictures, years ago, was of the Brewer Twins, wearing their clothes backwards a la Kriss Kross-styled by Joe McKenna for Interview. I’ve always had a fascination with that.

I got extra excited when I found out that Alexis Borges from Next is their agent. We go way back and I hadn’t seen him in awhile, so he came down to set to catch up. Kept it all real and in the family so to speak. No entourages, and their Mom came and picked em up after the shoot- how cool is that??!! And when I met her I saw why they’re all so good looking.

Have you had a listen? Thoughts?

I love that their music makes me think of California, like those surf rock albums crossed with a Tarantino movie. Movies and the Beach. I mean how Cali is that?

For the whole story go to the Stewart Shining website.

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First Look: Made In Brazil #7

November 12th, 2013 |Posted by jonathan

Made in Brazil #7 Cover: Rodrigo Calazans by Cristiano Madureira for Made in Brazil #7, November 2013

In the age of Tumblr, the veneration of models has reached its apotheosis. Countless sites dutifully catalogue every runway appearance, e-commerce job, and street style shot, all in celebration of the young and the beautiful. But from its start, Made in Brazil was something different. With its careful curation and clear editorial perspective, the website, devoted to Brazilian models, offered a specific point-of-view that added depth to the constant stream of images. So when founder Juliano Corbetta decided to launch a magazine in 2010, it was no surprise that it would be equally invigorating.

In the years since Made in Brazil’s first issue, the publication has featured a slew of the South American powerhouse’s best and brightest, from Evandro Soldati, Thiago Santos, Arthur Sales, Marlon Teixeira, and Francisco Lachowski to the Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. But what has set the magazine apart from others is its personal, intimate nature, coupled with a casual aesthetic that adds warmth to the often-stunning photography. For the new issue, out this week, Corbetta decided to take a moment to reflect. “When I started working on the seventh issue, the idea of generations and going back to the beginning came around,” Corbetta explains about the latest edition, which features a serene Rodrigo Calazans on the cover. “I wanted to go back to the main concept behind the magazine, which was to celebrate Brazilian male models above all, and put them front and center.”

That idea of the backward glance finds its clearest expression in a retrospective of sorts featuring a wealth of images of Soldati from photographer Cristiano Madureira‘s archive, going back over a decade to the model’s earliest Polaroids. We track Soldati’s maturation from fresh-faced teenager into strong-jawed adult, offering a uniquely expansive view of a time-tested career. Teixeira also contributed a series of personal images as he hits the waves, coolly surfing through a curve of luminescent blue. For Corbetta, finding new ways into the lives of the models he features is one of the key distinctions of Made in Brazil. “All of that is a throwback to how we started, with the boys very involved in the concept and the creation of the issue.”



Evandro by Cristiano for MIB #7, archive from 2002 to 2013’s new shoot

One feature that is sure to find lots of love on Tumblr is Lachowski’s opening editorial, shot in gorgeous black-and-white by Greg Vaughan and styled by Matthew Marden. Corbetta notes that this is Lachowski’s first major story since the birth of his son, and the model brings a new grown-up sensibility to the arresting images. “He is a big part of how the magazine started, and was the cover of our second issue, and I hadn’t worked with him in over a year,” Corbetta says. “In that time he became a dad and was doing a lot of more commercial work, so I decided to cast him for one of the main fashion stories to make sure he would have a more fun day in the studio, and for us to do something we hadn’t done together yet.”



Coming at the same time as several major changes in Corbetta’s personal life, this seventh issue also marks a transition point of sorts. “For the first time, I felt like I didn’t need to prove anything anymore and could afford to experiment a bit more, and after several big productions, I could go back to the simpler and freer images that started the magazine,” he explains. “This issue is about wiping the slate clean.” Despite the challenges of producing an independent publication twice a year, Corbetta says that it has been an undeniably rewarding experience. “The greatest part of doing the magazine is the response and the support from the fans, and knowing that many people collect the issues and place them on coffee tables along with photography and art books.” As he looks ahead to the next round, he remains well-aware that his path so far has been, in many ways, a fortunate one. “It just happened, and never in a million years did I imagine when we launched the first one that I would even get to do a second issue, let alone a seventh.”


Rafael Desimon, Rafael Dzik, Lucas Berbetz Photographer: Marcio Simnch Stylist: Daniel Ueda


Rafael Lazzini and Alexandre Lazzini (top image), Lucas Coppini and Luis Coppini (bottom image) Photographer: Cristiano Madureira

Lucas Cristino Photographer: Greg Vaughan Stylist: Michael Russo


André Bona in an homage to Mapplethorpe. Photographer: Stewart Shining Stylist: Christian Stroble


Jean Carlos Santos, Rodrigo Braga Photographer: Michael Schwartz Stylist:Maher Jridi


Caio Cesar Photographer: Greg Vaughan Stylist: Matthew Marden


Rodrigo Calazans Photographer: Cristiano Madureira

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Brazilian Bombshell!

November 30th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

There is a special surprise inside the newest Made in Brazil Magazine and yes it involved shirtless, hunky, Brazilian male models with tanned bodies and inviting smiles. One thing is slightly different though, amidst the stunning boys and their chiseled pectorals you’ll find the familiar (and gorgeous) face of Brazilian superstar Alessandra Ambrosio. Ale is the first girl to be featured in Made in Brazil and her images by Stewart Shining are nothing short of stunning – don’t take our word for it though, check out this preview teaser and wait for the rest, coming on Monday exclusively on!

Made In Brazil Magazine #6 Teaser from Made In Brazil on Vimeo.

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Bits & Bytes: MIB winners!

July 28th, 2011 |Posted by Betty

Images by Stewart Shining courtesy of Made in Brazil.
For the latest in Brazil magazine giveaway, we have 5 winners! If you are; Adan; Paulo; Matthew Owyang or luka, three of you have responded and will be getting their copies. The 2 who have not, contact Made in Brazil ASAP for your very own copy right now!

Heat Is On: Raquel Zimmermann on

Check out Raquel Zimmermann‘s moves in this Nowness video for Elle Brazil’s special all about Raquel issue. With the Vogue Italia cover and her recent suite of campaigns, Ms Zimmerman proves time and again why she’s one of the industry’s favorite faces.

We love a model agent turned photographer. See Sam Scott Schiavo‘s timeless pics of new face Misa P.

Another Brazilian favorite of ours, Caroline Trentini talks to Marilyn Paris about her years in the biz.

Ponyryder catches up with Kristy Kaurova and new Balmain face Patrick Kafka.

We adore the amazing Arthur Elgort, see him talk to The NY Times about his favorite images.

See Sebastian Sauvé jumping around in Christian Oita‘s video for the British music magazine Crash>.

The god-like David Gandy emotes in this special video by Mike Penn.

Andrej Pejic moves for Michelle Carimpong and 1883 Magazine.

Jon Kortajarena is gorgeous AND he gives back. See how you can have dinner with Jon at the link.

Factor Models has a free APP to see how you can be discovered. Welcome to the future of modeling.

See a very blonde eyebrowed Lorenzo Martone and Jules Kim at the resort show of their bathing suit line Nycked.

Attention models: If you are with any of these agencies on the agencies page, there’s a casting for a feature film directed by a 3-time Sundance Director who’s looking for 5 models (you must be represented by well-established agencies on the MDC list) for lead roles. You can audition directly online worldwide here at Letitcast, and click on “Paradise” before August 5th. Good luck you future Gemma’s and Rosie’s!

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