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February 10th, 2011 |Posted by Betty

Bekah Jenkins, Linda Vojtova and Charlotte di Calypso from the POPLipps site.
Take a peek into Scott Lipps’ world with his new blog, POPLipps. He’s one of our favorite “connectors” in the biz and see what happens when the modeling/fashion, Hollywood and music worlds all collide.

The Daily newspaper lands. Not a huge fan of Murdoch’s holdings but it will be interesting to see if it succeeds.

Janet Ozzard gives us 13 safe topics to discuss during fashion week on the Cut.

Alexander Wang is the new cool, but is also spearheading the new wave of building a prestige brand at affordable prices the Imagist reflects on it.

Fashionista gives us their 50 most influential people in New York fashion. Many we agree with, some we are like WTF? What say you?

Modeling news:

The NY Times quizzes you on your model knowledge.. See what they say if you score perfect or close to perfect.

Bridget Foley presents her clear eyed view of the “weight” issue in the modeling industry.

Adrien Sahores is a cutie and you can really see it here in this video on male models.

The secret is out, male models are a lot tougher than you think. Jacob Brown, from The Moment/NY Times writes about their “fight clubs” that are not fight clubs.

The Cut’s Amy O’Dell  gives us a brief history of the plus sized model.

Everyone’s obsessed about Andrej Pejic, Frockwriter talks about his upcoming TV appearance.

Sophie Srej blogs this week for her agency IMG. So many of the younger models don’t have a voice so it’s really sweet to read the thoughts of this young lady and see she’s like your everyday teenager who writes with run on sentences, smiley faces and lots of !!!!.

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Wizard of Marc

March 26th, 2010 |Posted by contributor

Lindsey, Freja, Sophie…oh my. As Chadwick Tyler switches from photographer to director, he has chosen the ladies (and gentleman) of Marc Jacobs F/W10 to display a hidden talent behind a different kind of lens. On exclusive from Another magazine, the models are in the moment and in their Marc. We can’t get enough of our favorite pristine casting dancing across the screen – there’s no place like home. (Story by Kristen Bolt)


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Tim’s World

September 16th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

The macabre world created by director Tim Burton has always been a source of fashion inspiration – how many goth themed editorials have you seen that look like something straight out of A Nightmare Before Christmas – so its no surprise that on the eve of his retrospective at MOMA Bazaar pays tribute to his aesthetic with a fun filled editorial. Tim Walker shoots Malgosia Bela, Sophie Srej and Evelina Mambetova (talk about pitch perfect casting) alongside the director for the latest issue. Wearing fanciful creations from the likes of McQueen, Nina Ricci and Yamamoto the girls look ready for cameos in any of Burton’s films.






Malgosia, Evelina & Sophie by Tim Walker | Image Credit – flyme2themoon @ tFS

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The Calvin Exclusive

September 12th, 2008 |Posted by Betty

For those anxiously awaiting the arrival of Anna Selezneva in NY on the heels of her September Paris Vogue cover; her absence at any shows was an obvious marker that the powers that be had whisked her away for that coveted Calvin exclusive. What’s also exciting is the frenzy that surrounds the new girls that debut for Calvin in NY. Ladies, get ready for Europe!

Some pols and video on the new girls!

Anya K was Girl 1- Marilyn NY Polaroids

Sigrid Agren– NY Models, Elite Paris, Elite Milan Polaroids

Charlotte Hoyer– IMG, 2PM (EXCLUSIVE for Calvin in NY). See her immaculate walk on MDX

Sophie Srej-IMG (EXCLUSIVE for Calvin in NY)

Anastasija– NY Models. Polaroids

Katrin Thormann– Women NY, Women Milan, Premier London, Nathalie Paris. Polaroids and Dazed and Confused cover. Look for our upcoming backstage interview with Katrin.

Charlotte/IMG NY, 2PM. Runway shots courtesy of 2PM Copenhagen.

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