Moral Minority

July 9th, 2015 |Posted by jonathanshia

The rebellious French menswear magazine MASSES Magazine takes on convention in their Fall/Winter 2015 issue, pushing the boundaries and rethinking the idea of what a fashion magazine can be. Based off the theme of mœurs (French for morals and manners), the issue opens with a striking cover image of founders Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin by CG Watkins, their faces covered by white cloth napkins as is the tradition while eating ortolans, small birds long eaten whole by the French in a culinary specialty now banned by the government. The push and pull between revealing and concealing is on display in a feature by Kira Bunse as well, with a series of portraits of a model dressed in suits and a headpiece that covers his entire face. Other features by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Bruna Kazinoti have a sharp edge to them, crisp editorials that buzz with a dangerous energy. Take a look at our exclusive preview of the new issue below.

by CG Watkins Fashion by Rich Aybar

Misty by Walter Pearce | Fashion by Mark Jen Hsu

Hugues by Bruna Kazinoti (2DM ) | Fashion by Adam Winder

By CG Watkins

Eliott and Ryan by Oliver Hadlee Pearch (Camilla Lowther Management) | Fashion by Benjamin Kirchhoff

Domonkos by Reto Schmid | Fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Moeurs by Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management) | Fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Jonas Gloer and Ezra by John Mccarty | Fashion by Maarten Van Der Horst



Cover story, Golo by CG Watkins | Fashion by Rich Aybar

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Mass Appeal

December 18th, 2014 |Posted by jonathanshia

As we prepare to turn the page on 2014, the intriguing French menswear magazine MASSES Magazine is all set to take us into 2015 with a Winter/Spring issue out this week. CG Watkins’ striking cover introduces a full story shot in Cape Town with fashion by Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones out of his own archive with groundbreaking pieces from the under-appreciated cult designer and artist Christopher Nemeth. The other features within offer a refreshing difference from the typical fashion glossy, from the androgynous appeal of Nicolas Coulomb and Florence Tetier’s story with styling by Georgia Pendlebury to the rich spirituality of Watkins’ feature with fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin. An exclusive portfolio of the late Malian photographer Adama Kouyaté’s classic portraits round out the artistic angle, while Brett Lloyd offers a take on the year to come with quirky looks by Lotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris). Take a look at our exclusive preview below.




Ph. CG Watkins / Fashion Kim Jones, all clothing Christopher Nemeth archives of Kim Jones / Models street cast in Cape Town South Africa



Ph. CG Watkins / Fashion Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin


Ph. Adama Kouyaté / Exclusive portfolio of Kouyaté, a Malian photographer


Ph. Nicolas Coulomb & Florence Tetier/ Fashion Georgia Pendlebury

Ph. Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management) / Creative Direction Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin / Model Francois Canipel

Ph. Bruna Kazinoti / Fashion Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin/

Ph. Brett Lloyd / Fashion Lotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris)

Other contributors include Mathieu Perroud, John McCarty, Maarten Van Der Horst, Devin Blair, Santi Rodriguez.

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For The Masses

May 21st, 2014 |Posted by jonathanshia

The Spring 2015 men’s shows are less than a month away, and upstart Parisian menswear magazine MASSES Magazine is already pointing the way ahead with their upcoming Summer/Fall issue. New face Pierre Lanoe takes the cover spot with a striking close-up lensed by Bruna Kazinoti, leading off a feature that offers up a taste of schoolboy chic with cheeky suits styled by Niklas Bildstein Zaar. The rest of the issue, seen here in an exclusive preview, has a workmanlike theme, with a retro-tinged study of aviation by CG Watkins and Reto Schmid’s dissection of cubicle boredom, both with fashion by Sacha Quintin and Eric Diulein. The sharp biannual also offers a look ahead at Fall, with a stark portfolio of the season’s most desirable coats from Dior Homme, Givenchy, and others. Promising new faces are aplenty throughout, demonstrating a distinct creative vision and a keen eye for what’s to come.



Photography by Bruna Kazinoti, styling by Niklas Bildstein Zaar, cover model Pierre Lanoe and Jake Love


Photography by Reto Schmid, art direction by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin, models Louis Morelli, Albert Razumov, Michael Morvan


Photography by CG Watkins, styling by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin, model Johann Jenkinson

Photography by Brett Lloyd, styling byLotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris), models Jean Lemaire, Kimie


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MASS Effect

December 17th, 2013 |Posted by

Biannual fashion magazine MASSES may be based in Paris but for its second issue its focus is the eye catching beauty of our physical world. The magazine takes some of the season’s most in demand faces styled in the best brands, to stunning natural locations that range from a cave to a desert island to an unforgettable underwater locale; and haunting manmade spots from a nuclear reactor plant to a sterile hospital setting. If you’re in Europe, U.S or Japan, look for it on your local newsstand. Take an exclusive peek at the issue below and to purchase, click here.


Photo Kira Bunse  | Art Direction : Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin | Model Harvey James


Photo Reto Schmid  | Art Direction : Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin  | Model Nathaniel Visser and Francois Canipel


Photo Joe Lai  | Styling Delphine Desane  | Hair Nori Takabayashi| Model Alexander Ferrario and Pascal De Wolff


Photo CG Watkins  | Art Direction : Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin  | Model Dimitri Stampfer


Photo Kira Bunse | Art Direction : Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin  | Model Mayrone Herry

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