Sweet Charity

October 27th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle


Nothing brings a great cause to light like an imaginative ad that captures the heart of an issue with intelligence and wit. Of course, a few of the world’s most beautiful models stripping down to their skivvies certainly doesn’t hurt either. Cameron Russell, Rianne Ten Haken, Rachel Alexander, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Crystal Renn, Shannan Click, Olya Ivanisevic, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Alla Kostromichova, Nicole Trunfio and Heidi Mount join forces to bring awareness to 350.org and the International Day of Climate Awareness via a humorous spot that has the girls peeling off layers due to the heat caused by the rising carbon count. The ad conceived by Cameron herself, is a smart and sexy way to get attention for a great cause. MDC spoke to the always eloquent Cameron for a little insight into why this cause is so important and how the project itself got off the ground.

MDC: There are so many great people involved in this video – how did you organize such a project?

Cameron: All the girls are my friends and loved shooting the video for a good cause, so that part was relatively easy to pull together.

The whole project happened from start to finish in a little under two weeks and 300 phone calls–who knew production was so complicated!

MDC: On a personal level what made you want to get involved with this cause?

Cameron: I think Climate Change is the most important issue of our time. In the history of the world all 5 mass extinctions have been accompanied by massive climate change, so we are facing an incredible serious threat.  In fact we are technically in the 6th mass extinction right now, and it is the first mass extinction being attributed to human kind. My all time hero Tibor Kalman showed the world the ability of mass media to convey serious images and create real discussion (think 90’s Benneton ad’s of people with AIDS). Climate Change which is often seen as very political or scientific needs to be made a people’s issue. My hope is that this ad helps re-brand environmentalism.

Watch the video in HD on the Studio 4a Youtube channel.

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Paris Match

May 26th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Jac and Kamila Filipcikova join forces in the latest Vogue Paris to display the seasons extreme shapes. David Sims shoots the girls in artful black and white and Carine Roitfeld styles them in Dior and McQueen. The editorial marks the VP debut for both girls and is an appealing portrait of classic glamour.


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Rachel Alexander gives good face

August 8th, 2006 |Posted by Supreme (New York)

The most glamorous goth from California gives good face in the fall 2006 D&G campaign.
Photos: Steven Klein
Stylist: Patti Wilson

Photo: Steven Klein, Stylist: Patti Wilson Photo: Steven Klein, Stylist: Patti Wilson
Photo: Steven Klein, Stylist: Patti Wilson  

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D&G Fall 2006 Campaign – Rachel Alexander

July 10th, 2006 |Posted by Supreme (New York)

Rachel Alexander takes snow-bunny chic to new extremes in the Fall 2006 D&G campaign.

Photo: Steven Klein

Stylist: Patti Wilson


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