First Look: INPRINT Issue 1

September 9th, 2015 |Posted by steven.yatsko


Straight out of Australia comes the debut issue of INPRINT from stylist and creative director Megha Kapoor. Judging by the already serious casting finesse in the inaugural issue, INPRINT is all about the models – something we can appreciate. That influence is evident is the simplistic captures of first-rate faces from the likes of Julia Nobis and Annely Bouma both by Holly Blake to breakouts like Astrid Holler photographed by Bowen Arico or Fernanda Ly snapped by Megha herself. All of the editorials were styled by Megha as well, putting the emphasis on feminine poise. We spoke to Megha to find out more about her new operation and take an exclusive look at what’s inside:

How/ Why did you decide to start INPRINT? 

To be honest it was a bit of an off the cuff decision, but one I think had been permeating subconsciously for a while… I started styling a couple of years ago when online editorial was starting to blow up and I find it interesting balancing the idea of immediacy, quantity and fast turnarounds versus a slower more considered approach to your work.  A very common question from bookers and PRs is, “in print or online?” … So I thought INPRINT!

What’s important about printed publications to you personally? 

The type of work they inspire you to create.  The permanency / tangibility of print.  You can’t change anything once an image is printed – there’s a greater pressure to get it right.

You say the focus stems from the casting process, what makes this aspect the most interesting to you? 

I think it’s the challenge of looking at a girl and not immediately applying a template onto to her….I try to be genuine in terms of not losing the girl and always retaining some of her identity.  The model is a key inspiration.

How did you go about choosing the amazing cast of models for this issue– is there something they all share in common? 

They all share a strength, intelligence, something that isn’t forced.  All of the girls have the type of beauty that makes you gasp a bit but they are all also girls I’d want to go to dinner with. I mean, Julia was in Sydney studying for her Biomed exams, and we all had fun on set – ate popcorn and chatted about everything from sprained ankles to Dr Seuss…

How did your background, both professional and not, influences the curation of the magazine as a project?

I’ve had a solid training at Australian VOGUE as my first industry experience and I think that really helped to train my eye in terms of detail and instilled a strong work ethic. Working for other independent mags exposed me to a freedom that there aren’t any rules aside from getting it done… I think this dichotomy comes through.  My partner, Michael Inglis, is the one behind the art direction and bringing the elements and influences together as an entity as whole.

What excites you most about creating the upcoming issues?




Model Julia Nobis / Photographer Holly Blake / Stylist Megha Kapoor / Hair Koh / Makeup Peter Beard



Model Jess PW / Photographer James Nelson / Stylist Megha Kapoor / Makeup Peter Beard / Hair Peter Beard



Model Annely Bouma / Photographer Holly Blake / Stylist Megha Kapoor / Makeup Corinna Wilmhurst



Model Astrid Holler / Photographer Bowen Arico / Stylist Megha Kapoor /  Makeup Samantha Patrikopoulos / Hair Samantha Patrikopoulos


Model Fernanda Ly / Photographer Megha Kapoor

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The Ranger

August 20th, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

The summer season is ending and fall is ramping up, a time for new clothes, new trends, and new ideas. Out Magazine kicks off the more serious half of the year with a rich new editorial focusing on animal conservation that pays tribute to Peter Beard and his iconic images of African wildlife. Shot on location in an exotic animal reserve in Northern Florida, industry veteran Kevin Rice plays the rugged adventurer, communing with giraffes, zebras, and lemurs in the new season’s sturdiest and sharpest outerwear. Shot by Blair Getz Mezibov (Visual Artist UK ) with styling by Grant Woolhead (Jed Root) and grooming by Carolina Dali (See Management), the story puts gorgeous images to a good cause, a look ahead, we hope, of what’s to come. Take a look at an exclusive preview for below.








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