Time To Enlist

December 9th, 2009 |Posted by contributor

Richard Phibbs’ latest editorial “Boot Camp” featured in the French publication L’Équipe, is a brilliant throwback to 1940’s propaganda. The feature includes favorites Chad White, Kerry Degman and Oraine Barrett and up and coming stars Mike Derr and Ryan Bertroche in an aesthetic similar to that of Frank Capra’s Army recruitment films during World War II. It captures a classic masculine ideal and hails to a disciplinary theme that we’ve seen reoccurring in recent editorials. (story by Gary Mazrek)


Chad White



Mike Derr


Jenry with Request.


Kerry Degman


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New Recruits

September 10th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

VMan knows there is nothing quite like a man in uniform. Mario Testino introduces us to the very sexy Mike Derr in a series of camo looks that leave little to the imagination. If Mike’s chiseled cheekbones look familiar its because the Iowa native was not only a contestant in the Ford/VMan contest but also a former Model of the Week. With a stunning start like this we see big things in his future.



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