Relative Risk (Updated)

August 30th, 2010 |Posted by Janelle

Sebastian Faena presents real life mother and son Lynn Koester and Paolo Anchisi in a fascinating story for VMan. The bond between mother and son is one of the strongest and most complex dynamics, but seeing it conveyed in a fashion editorial is a rare thing, especially when the story is less than straightforward. Faena’s pictures are vivid, but they leave a great deal to the imagination of the viewer – is this story more Sons & Lovers or is it veering into Ma Mere territory? Only Faena knows for sure. Regardless of the subtext, Lynn and Paolo both know how to captivate in front of the camera and their striking resemblance makes for memorable shots. Be sure to see the full story when VMan drops September 9th.

UPDATE: This just in, a letter from the V Man Editors: This is a fantasy tale from VMAN’s Age issue. It marks Lynne Koester’s return in front of the camera after not setting foot inside a studio for 10 years. There is nothing more illustrative about age than a mother and son. It is also the first time Lynne is shot with her rising star son Paolo Anchisi.

Imagine Lynne in a film where she plays a burlesque stripper. (Lynne is NOT the blonde woman who plays another stripper in one of the pictures). There is no hidden subtext. Paolo has a girlfriend (see below, played by Yenny from Ford) and he goes to visit his mother at work at the Vaudeville theatre. It is a sweet and sentimental tale that’s much more easily appreciated when one views the full story.

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