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April 7th, 2015 |Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix

Axel Filip Lindahl presents a gritty, sophisticated addition to newsstands around the world with AFL Magazine. With understated, cool girl styling and a raw disposition, the Stockholm based issue features cover girl Amanda Murphy, Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, and Molly Bair clad in the latest wears from Proenza Schouler. Add a delicate beauty story created by masters Jimmy Paul, Sil Bruinsma (Streeters New York), and the dauntless visions Kayla Scott, Marique Schimmel, and Sabina Lobova and you get riveting imagery without any overhyped glitz.

Take an first look inside AFL’s stellar new issue below.

Photographer – Axel Filip Lindahl/ Stylist – James Valeri (Home Agency) / Hair Stylist – Bok Hee (Streeters New York)/ Makeup Artist – Frankie Boyd/ Model – Amanda Murphy– casting by Shawn Dezan


Photographer – Axel Filip Lindahl/ Stylist – Elodie David Touboul/ Hair Stylist – Muriel Vancauwen/ Makeup Artist – Aude Gill / Model – Kadri Vahersalu




Photographer – Axel Filip Lindahl/ Hair Stylist – Jimmy Paul/ Makeup Artist – Sil Bruinsma (Streeters New York)/ Model – Sabina Lobova and Marique Schimmel



Photographer – Axel Filip Lindahl/ Stylist – James Valeri (Home Agency) / Hair Stylist – Bok Hee (Streeters New York)/ Makeup Artist – Frankie Boyd/ Model – Molly Bair


Photographer – Axel Filip Lindahl/ Stylist – Stevie Dance (Home Agency)/ Hair Stylist – Yukiko Tajima/ Makeup Artist – Fara Homidi (New York: FRANK REPS NY, Los Angeles: FRANK REPS LA)/ Model – Annely Bouma


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February 3rd, 2015 |Posted by Janelle

Steven Meisel plays with various styles for his Vogue Italia covers, but many of the best have a cinematic quality that makes them appear like stills from a motion picture. Meisel’s photography is energetic, richly detailed and often seems ready to start moving the moment some unseen director yells “Action!” The February cover of VI is a prime example of this a Dolce & Gabbana clad Lexi Boling may be the first thing to grab your attention, but each detail adds to the story. The sewing machines in the background, Mary Howard‘s comprehensive set design and even the blur of men moving all around Lexi. It all makes for a stunning tribute to fashion workers anchored by Marie-Amélie Sauvé styling, Pat McGrath doing makeup and Jimmy Paul handling hair.

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Private Resort

November 13th, 2014 |Posted by Janelle

Ryan McGinley never fails to capture a candid side of his subjects and for his latest story in V Magazine McGinley brings out Saskia de Brauw‘s humor and lightness. The energetic images styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele depict Saskia exploring an expansive garden as she sports the latest wares direct from the resort collections. With flowers in her hair and a short blonde bob, Saskia pulls of nymph-chic with a little help from beauty maestros  Jimmy Paul and Serge Hodonou. The colorful, floral filled images make for an effervescent editorial that never takes itself too seriously and lets Saskia show yet another side of her versatile persona.

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March 12th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

Vogue Italia has never shied from controversy and its March cover story has people talking left and right. From The Huffington Post, to Jezebel debate is raging over whether or not the story is in poor taste, misguided and/or exploiting negative stereotypes about blacks and Latinos. On the Vogue Italia website, the inspiration for the story is listed asmessy drags: untidy, dishevelled, counter-intuitive cross-dressers.” Meanwhile Jezebel’s intrepid Jenna Sauers, found direct links between the hair styles featured in the editorial and the gallery of Ghetto Fabulous Edible Hair dos. We can’t help but wonder what the originators of those colorful, candy-inspired styles think of the VI story and its intentions.

Controversy aside, the Steven Meisel cover of Joan Smalls marks the first time a black model has been on the cover of VI since the infamous Black Issue, which makes another triumph for Joan. Getting a VI cover is always a coup for a model, but considering how rare it is to see a woman of color fronting the world’s most influential fashion mag, this is kind of a big deal. Perhaps the greater controversy is the fact that there are multi-year periods where we just don’t see  people of color on the covers of our fashion mags.

Styling: Lori Goldstein  | Makeup: Pat McGrath |  Hair: Jimmy Paul | Models: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Coco Rocha, Guinevere Van Seenus, Jessica Stam, Karen Elson, Lindsey Wixson, and Daphne Groeneveld

See the full Haute Mess story on Vogue.It

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As Seen on TV!

January 6th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

Were there an actual Italian Vogue channel we would watch it 24/7 as it would most certainly trump some of the lackluster “fashion” television on the air right now. The Conde Nast entertainment division has yet to provide us with such an incredible gift, but if the January Vogue Italia coverstory is anything to go by there is certainly potential for hilarity and hijinks. Sending up the popular Home Shopping networks with a Steven Meisel story featuring top models is a brilliant idea and one that translates beautifully. While we doubt that you’re ever going to be able to buy that Chanel gown off the back of Daria Strokous QVC, it is amazing to see the land of snuggies and SlapChops invaded by high fashion. With stellar hair by Jimmy Paul and gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana makeup by Pat McGrath all this story needed as a cameo by Joan Rivers to push it over the top and into the realm of iconic editorials.

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Michelle Harper & Natasha Poly

Kegan Webb with Paula Patrice, Gertrud Hegelund & Karlie Kloss

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August 17th, 2011 |Posted by Janelle

Steven Meisel and Edward Enninful craft an inspired story for W Magazine that tributes timeless fashion icons with a little help from today’s best models and a certain super who needs no introduction whatsoever.

View the entire story on W 

HAIR Jimmy PaulMAKEUP Pat McGrath MANICURE Jin Soon Choi

Linda Evangelista as Zizi Jeanmaire

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Divine Inspiration

August 10th, 2011 |Posted by Betty

One of MDC’s favorite Russian beauties smolders in Lanvin on the September Vogue Russia cover by the incomparable Hedi Slimane. Part go go dancer, part vixen, Natasha Poly and her sinuous form divinely shows off Sarah Richardson‘s pitch perfect futuristic styling. Jimmy Paul‘s tresses and Wendy Rowe‘s rockstar makeup provide the final unconventional touch for this electric fall editorial.

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Quick Change Artist

July 27th, 2011 |Posted by Janelle

As one of the few models to ascend to the numero uno position on Top 50, Raquel Zimmermann has had the kind of career few models can hope for. Top tier campaigns? Booked ’em all. Coveted covers? Been there, done that. Seeing Raquel on the cover of Italian Vogue this month isn’t all that surprising, but Steven Meisel’s image of the famously blonde Brazilian as an aloof brunette feels unexpected. The curly wig renders Raquel almost unrecognizable and the simple image lets us know that we’re in for a studio shoot all about transformation.

Given the apt “versatile” headline, scrawled on the cover in lavender letters, we’re guessing that Meisel understands exactly what Miss Zimmermann’s appeal is all about. No one disappears into a new guise quite the way she does – take a look at the wildly different, flame haired look on her previous VI cover almost a decade ago.

Vogue Italia August 2011 FASHION EDITOR Karl Templer HAIR Jimmy Paul MAKEUP Pat McGrath


Vogue Italia June 2002

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