Rika Magazine’s New Picks

March 25th, 2016 |Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix

Rika Magazine‘s latest issue embraces the new class of hottest faces with a stellar casting that leaves an impact. Model darlings Adrienne Jüliger, Estella Boersma, Heather Kemesky, Karly Loyce, Annely Bouma, and Soekie Gravenhorst grace the cover and inside pages in the latest threads for the coming warmer temps. Captured by Ben Weller, Nick Dorey, Duy Vo, and more contributing creatives the visuals center on a glamorous reality that transports and inspires.

Take a look below!



Photographer – Ben Weller (Camilla Lowther Management) | Stylist – Hanna Kelifa (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ) | Hair – Paolo Soffiatti (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management) | Makeup – Jenny Coombs (Streeters London) | Model – Adrienne Jüliger



Photographer – Nick Dorey (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ) | Stylist – Tara St Hill (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management) | Hair – Neil Moodie (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management) | Makeup – Lucy Burt (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management) | Model – Estella Boersma




Photographer – Jen Carey | Stylist – Alexandra Carl (Streeters New York) | Hair – Maranda (Stockholm: Linkdetails, New York: The Wall Group) | Makeup – John McKay (Los Angeles: FRANK REPS LA, New York: FRANK REPS NY) | Model – Heather Kemesky




Photographer – Quentin De Briey (Paris: Cadence Paris, New York: Cadence New York) | Stylist – Alexandra Carl (Streeters New York) | Hair & Makeup – Maria Martinez | Model – Karly Loyce


Photographer: Lena C. Emery


Photographer:Sam Taylor-Johnson




Photographer – Duy Vo | Stylist – Jordy Huinder | Hair & Makeup – Eva Copper | Models – Annely Bouma, Iris Egbers, & Soekie Gravenhorst

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First Look: Under the Influence

April 4th, 2014 |Posted by Janelle

When you see Kristen McMenamy on the cover of a magazine you know you’re in for a treat! Under the Influence Magazine returns with an impressive issue filled with content centered around the theme of power. The choice of subject matter can be felt throughout the issue’s editorials and interviews – from McMenamy doing her signature avant garde poses for celebrated photographer, Nadav Kander  to timely features on the likes of Nick Knight, Paul Smith and John Porritt. Experience a preview of the issue’s fashion stories below along with an arresting video of Kristen.


Shadows from Under the Influence Magazine on Vimeo.


Kristen McMenamy by Nadav Kander, styling by Under the Influence’s new fashion director Toby Grimditch, hair by Ken O’Rourke (New York: Streeters New York, London: Streeters London), makeup by new beauty director Georgina Graham (Management + Artists)


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 21.49.01
Senait Gidey by Andrew Vowles, styling by Raphael Hirsch, hair by Yumi Nakada-Dingle, makeup by Ciara O’Shea

Aza Shade by Sarah Piantadosi, styling by Ellie Grace Cumming, hair by Philippe Tholimet, makeup by Jenny Coombs

Dan Kling by Mark Kean, styling by Ellie Grace Cumming, hair by Keisuke Terada, grooming by Lucy Bridge.

Hedvig Palm Palm by Frode & Marcus, styling by Sofie Krunegård, hair by Peter Johannson, makeup by Kristina Kullenberg

Lera Tribel by Greta Ilieva, styling by Jack Borkett, hair by Sochi, makeup by Laura Dominique

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