Sporty Spice

June 18th, 2014 |Posted by Janelle

Sport is a popular theme this month with several magazines looking to the World Cup and pre-fall’s energetic collections for inspiration. Vogue Russia offers a fashionable take on the theme with Jason Kibbler‘s (Cadence New York) spirited cover story starring Sam Rollinson. With fashion by Olga Dunina and icy makeup by Benjamin Puckey (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ) the story captures the athletic and chic mood aptly, pairing striped jumpers with designer sneakers and metallic pullovers galore. The casual luxe styling suits Sam perfectly with each look complimenting her own easy-going vibe, even when the accessories include a football.

See the full story in the fashion database 







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Laundry Service

August 23rd, 2013 |Posted by Janelle

As some of the most divisive and easily recognizable pieces of the fall/winter season, Céline‘s bold plaid prints have become a focal point in editorials the past few months. Whether you love the red and blue tartan, or find they resemble the ubiquitous laundry bags found at your local bodega it is impossible to deny their presence in the pages of fashion glossies. Though most stylists don’t stray too far from the runway interpretation of the look, Philo’s creations remain compelling, especially when juxtaposed with an interesting background or unique set. In Steven Meisel‘s Vogue Italia shots they are pit against a swirling arm chair by designer Tord Boontje and the pairing brings out the best of both statement pieces. Likewise the seeing the Celine plaid opposite Stella McCartney‘s version of the same in Vogue Russia provides a concise overview of one of fall’s key trends. Naturally, there are also moments when all you need is a great model and a few more pieces from the collection, case in point Tao Okamoto‘s new cover of Vogue Japan which provides an ideal showcase for Tao and those coveted thigh high boots.


Vogue Japan | Ph. Patrick Demarchelier | Model – Tao Okamoto


Vogue Russia Ph. Jason Kibbler (Cadence New York) | Fashion Editor – Olga Dunina | Models – Irina Nikolaeva and Patrycja Gardygajlo


Vogue Paris Ph. David Bellemere | Fashion Editor – Celia Azoulay | Model – Hana Jirickova


British Vogue | Ph. Patrick Demarchelier | Fashion Editor – Lucinda Chambers | Model – Freja Beha Erichsen


Vogue Italia Ph. Steven Meisel | Fashion Editor – Marie-Amélie Sauvé | Model – Amanda Murphy


Marie Claire | Ph. Danilo Gallinari | Fashion Editor – Enrique Campos | Model – Alla Kostromichova


Marie Claire UK Ph. Daniel Gabbay | Fashion Editor – Jayne Pickering | Model – Vivian Witjes

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Denim Darling

January 4th, 2010 |Posted by Janelle

Teen Vogue always showcases modeling’s most promising fresh faces and this month is no exception, two-time Givenchy opener Antonella Graef graces the magazine’s pages in an adorable denim editorial. Shot by Jason Kibbler and styled by Heathermary Jackson, the story focuses on some of Spring’s most wearable denim trends; even in plain blue jeans and simple styling, Antonella brings a touch of elegance to each picture.





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Cast & Crew

September 21st, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

What is the best way to spice up a plain ol’ fashioned studio shoot? The answer boils down to three words – casting, casting, casting. Take a look at Jason Kibbler‘s latest Vogue China editorial for a taste of what young blood can do to enliven a familiar concept. Madisyn Ritland, Bara Holotova and Shu Pei bring their A-game to the table and enliven what would ordinarily be just another white backdrop shoot. Take a look at the glare in Miss Ritland’s eyes in that final shot – that’s what its all about.






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Shape Shifter

July 24th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Collaboration is what makes fashion great. The latest Dazed & Confused pays tribute to the fashions of 80s innovator Maria Blaisse and her legendary sculptural shapes. Jason Kibbler‘s pictures of Hana Soukupova wearing pieces from Givenchy and Margiela reworked by stylist Karen Langley and set designer Gary Card to mimic the signature Blaisse look, are cool and dynamic. As always Hana manages to bring that extra touch of elegance but each element of the story can stand alone.



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Dunn Deal

May 20th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Jourdan Dunn continuously displays her prowess in editorials for the best magazines and this month is no different. Vogue Russia lets Jourdan’s versatility shine as she tries on several different looks for size. Jason Kibbler shoots as Jourdan plays each part with expertise – the only thing that could make this cooler would be if there were backgrounds to match each dramatic ensemble.

Jourdan Dunn by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia | Scans by achAT

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Perfect Pernille

September 7th, 2008 |Posted by Janelle

Pernille Moeller begins her editorial domination with fresh pictures in Numero Tokyo. The Danish beauty is a coveted face for the Spring season and with a set of upcoming stories she will be inescapable in the coming months. In her only girl Numero story Pernille shows her devilish and angelic sides in haunting portraits by Jason Kibbler.

Pernille Moeller by Jason Kibbler for Numero Tokyo

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