DSECTION is Supercharged

February 22nd, 2016 |Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix

The Spring/Summer issue of DSECTION Magazine calls upon Italian royalty to grace their cover and who better than Mariacarla Boscono to take the throne? The supermodel is the first to star in the “Superpower” 16-page cover story and video shot by Frederico Martins and is looking as stunningly sultry and mysterious as ever. Focused on featuring powerful people in the fashion industry, the supercharged, Paris-based fashion book will have 7 covers released over the coming week, over 400 pages of fashion content, and is set to hit newsstands in March.

Check out our exclusive sneak peek at the cover and video below.

Photographer – Frederico Martins | Styling – Nelly de Melo Gonçalves | Hair – Rui Rocha | Makeup – Patricia Lima
Art Direction – Paulo Meixedo & Filipe Fangueiro | Film – Tiago Ribeiro


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Fearless and Fashionable

March 6th, 2015 |Posted by steven.yatsko

Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler plays a bold and stylish journalist for the latest Vogue Portugal. The cinematic cover story shot by Frederico Martins imagines the English model equipped with a camera documenting the front lines. For the period-portrayal Ana Campos outfits the heroine in the latest Givenchy, Salvatore Feragamo, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Gucci–all aptly in shades of army green. Accompanied by stone-faced infantrymen, Jacquetta’s willowy hair and sharp timeless features romance the images (Lagerfeld once described her face as a Roman vase). On the pages her poses capture the air of a woman who is determined, fearless and fashionable– even in the dismalness of wartime. Now 33, Jacquetta is no novice when it comes to Vogue or the modeling industry. Discovered in 1998 at the age of seventeen by Mario Testino, she quickly found herself in French Vogue and in 1999 was on the cover of The Face naming her “Model of the Millennium.” From there she became the repeated face of Gucci, then Givenchy, landed the cover of Vogue Italia and a cover for British Vogue. With the word “Feminismo” printed across the cover in bold font the veteran shows she can easily exemplify the strong and beautiful woman now more than ever.

Photos courtesy of Vogue Portugal

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Modern Day Heroes

May 23rd, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

Sometimes, less is more. Such is the case with DSECTION Magazine, the Portuguese menswear magazine that, next week, moves from a bimonthly to a biannual format with their supersized Spring/Summer issue. Two covers shot by Danielle Levitt spotlight some of the brightest new faces of today: Simon James, Joseph Dolce, and Gabriel Marques, dressed by the multitalented Nicola Formichetti in his first collection for Diesel.

Following on the theme of “Modern-Day Heroes,” the issue explores different strains of strength and bravery, from the fresh, vibrant energy of the cover story to the contained power of Frederico Martins’ calm editorial, with sleek, easy clothes selected by Nelly de Melo Gonçalves. Clark Bockelman, Alex Dunstan, and Matt Trethe stare down the camera in James White’s feature, with styling by Christopher Preston, while Nicolas Ripoll and Matthew Holt offer an elegant preview of Fall 2014, again from the team of Martins and de Melo Goncalves. Paolo Zerbini offers up a study of youthful aggression with Paolo Zagoreo’s edgy streetwear, while Thomas Goldblum presents a more refined take with his classic portraits with styling by Benoit Martinengo. The only downside is knowing we’ll have to wait six months to see the next issue.





Gabriel Marques, Simon James, Joseph Dolce, Tony, Ashley, Bre by Danielle Levitt, styling by Diesel’s Nicola Formichetti



Taj, Emil Andersson and Jorge Pla by Nico Bustos (New York/Paris: ArtList NY (New York) ArtList Paris (Paris) Berlin: Shotview Photographers Management (Berlin), styled by Alberto Murtra



Nikola D, Jon Hjelholt, Charles Markham, Guillaume Babouin, Thomas Bukovatz by Frederico Martins, styled by Nelly de Melo Goncalves



Nicolas Ripoll and Matthew Holt by Frederico Martins, styled by Nelly de Melo Goncalves




Clark, Alex and Matt by James White, styled by Christopher Preston


Nate Hill and Malthe Lund Madsen by Thomas Goldblum, styled by Benoit Martinego


Ryan Hassaine by Fanny Latour-Lambert (Walter Schupfer Management), styled by Benoit Martinego


Rafferty Law and Oliver Cheshire by James White, styled by Christopher Preston

Jake Love, Nathan James and Ben Horsefield by Paolo Zerbini, styled by Paolo Zagoreo

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