First Look: Made In Brazil #7

November 12th, 2013 |Posted by jonathan

Made in Brazil #7 Cover: Rodrigo Calazans by Cristiano Madureira for Made in Brazil #7, November 2013

In the age of Tumblr, the veneration of models has reached its apotheosis. Countless sites dutifully catalogue every runway appearance, e-commerce job, and street style shot, all in celebration of the young and the beautiful. But from its start, Made in Brazil was something different. With its careful curation and clear editorial perspective, the website, devoted to Brazilian models, offered a specific point-of-view that added depth to the constant stream of images. So when founder Juliano Corbetta decided to launch a magazine in 2010, it was no surprise that it would be equally invigorating.

In the years since Made in Brazil’s first issue, the publication has featured a slew of the South American powerhouse’s best and brightest, from Evandro Soldati, Thiago Santos, Arthur Sales, Marlon Teixeira, and Francisco Lachowski to the Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. But what has set the magazine apart from others is its personal, intimate nature, coupled with a casual aesthetic that adds warmth to the often-stunning photography. For the new issue, out this week, Corbetta decided to take a moment to reflect. “When I started working on the seventh issue, the idea of generations and going back to the beginning came around,” Corbetta explains about the latest edition, which features a serene Rodrigo Calazans on the cover. “I wanted to go back to the main concept behind the magazine, which was to celebrate Brazilian male models above all, and put them front and center.”

That idea of the backward glance finds its clearest expression in a retrospective of sorts featuring a wealth of images of Soldati from photographer Cristiano Madureira‘s archive, going back over a decade to the model’s earliest Polaroids. We track Soldati’s maturation from fresh-faced teenager into strong-jawed adult, offering a uniquely expansive view of a time-tested career. Teixeira also contributed a series of personal images as he hits the waves, coolly surfing through a curve of luminescent blue. For Corbetta, finding new ways into the lives of the models he features is one of the key distinctions of Made in Brazil. “All of that is a throwback to how we started, with the boys very involved in the concept and the creation of the issue.”



Evandro by Cristiano for MIB #7, archive from 2002 to 2013’s new shoot

One feature that is sure to find lots of love on Tumblr is Lachowski’s opening editorial, shot in gorgeous black-and-white by Greg Vaughan and styled by Matthew Marden. Corbetta notes that this is Lachowski’s first major story since the birth of his son, and the model brings a new grown-up sensibility to the arresting images. “He is a big part of how the magazine started, and was the cover of our second issue, and I hadn’t worked with him in over a year,” Corbetta says. “In that time he became a dad and was doing a lot of more commercial work, so I decided to cast him for one of the main fashion stories to make sure he would have a more fun day in the studio, and for us to do something we hadn’t done together yet.”



Coming at the same time as several major changes in Corbetta’s personal life, this seventh issue also marks a transition point of sorts. “For the first time, I felt like I didn’t need to prove anything anymore and could afford to experiment a bit more, and after several big productions, I could go back to the simpler and freer images that started the magazine,” he explains. “This issue is about wiping the slate clean.” Despite the challenges of producing an independent publication twice a year, Corbetta says that it has been an undeniably rewarding experience. “The greatest part of doing the magazine is the response and the support from the fans, and knowing that many people collect the issues and place them on coffee tables along with photography and art books.” As he looks ahead to the next round, he remains well-aware that his path so far has been, in many ways, a fortunate one. “It just happened, and never in a million years did I imagine when we launched the first one that I would even get to do a second issue, let alone a seventh.”


Rafael Desimon, Rafael Dzik, Lucas Berbetz Photographer: Marcio Simnch Stylist: Daniel Ueda


Rafael Lazzini and Alexandre Lazzini (top image), Lucas Coppini and Luis Coppini (bottom image) Photographer: Cristiano Madureira

Lucas Cristino Photographer: Greg Vaughan Stylist: Michael Russo


André Bona in an homage to Mapplethorpe. Photographer: Stewart Shining Stylist: Christian Stroble


Jean Carlos Santos, Rodrigo Braga Photographer: Michael Schwartz Stylist:Maher Jridi


Caio Cesar Photographer: Greg Vaughan Stylist: Matthew Marden


Rodrigo Calazans Photographer: Cristiano Madureira

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Viva Brazil!

October 10th, 2011 |Posted by Betty

GQ Brazil taps into the vast pot of top Brazilian male models for a perfect fall editorial by Richard Phibbs. Featuring the season’s best black pieces by Armani, Calvin Klein, Dior Homme and Hugo Boss, as styled by Antonio Branco, the images prove that once again, there’s nothing like menswear as worn by real men. Who is YOUR favorite Brazilian face?

Arthur Sales and Diego Miguel

Leo Peixoto and Andre Ziehe

Romulo Pires and Thiago Ribeiro

Marlon Teixeira and Evandro Soldati

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The MIB Winners…

July 8th, 2010 |Posted by Betty

Unpublished image of Evandro Soldati by Cristiano Madureira, courtesy of Made in Brazil.

Almost 200 comments later, we have our 5 winners for our Made in Brazil Magazine giveaway. There were so many wonderful, straight from the heart statements that you have to trust us when we say that it was near impossible to choose our favorites. But whether it’s taking a stand for “male equality”, dreams of high fashion, loving MIB over Vogue, magazine collector extraordinaire or a proud Brazilian, these 5 lucky winners stood out and should be expecting an email soon (make sure to reply by July 18 to our email). Viva Brasil!

Click here to see the website and buy some of the few copies left.

Eduardo Eidam Milian
: Eu acho que eu mereço um exemplar exclusivo desta revista que virá para sensualizar e sensacionalizar os editoriais brasileiros porque eu sou um brasileiro genuíno e posso dizer que já experimentei bastante do Brasil pra saber que não há povo melhor do que o nosso ♥ E também porque eu moro fora de São Paulo (Paraná) e será praticamente impossível eu ter em mãos uma revista de vanguarda e de qualidade como será a Made In Brazil. PS: agradei a revista e a temática da revista, ‘tá na cara’ que eu mereço, não é?

Dreams of Lenny: I can’t give 5 reasons because I simply can’t. All I can say is that I am a country boy who lives next to a cow pasture in rural Louisiana who comes to site everyday for wisdom of fashion and beauty. After all, wouldn’t you when people around here think that Walmart is the epitome of Haute Couture? I have to get the hell up out of here to see the fashion world for myself, but until then I’ll just stay updated with!

Nicholas: They said the weather of Brazil is always hot. But I think that is not just it. The 3 HOT stuffs that cross my mind when the name Brazil appears would be Sunshine, Football, and my all time ‘breath taking factor’ – Models!!! Flip through any magazines and if any sexy models catch your eyes, I guarantee they are mostly from Brazil. They are my learning example, which is why this Made In Brazil magazine means so much to me since there are still a lot of Brazilian male models whom I do not recognize and this is a great opportunity for me to see how talented they are. Not to leave out Cristiano Madureira. Forget about Vogue. Made In Brazil is my new bible!

: OK. Why me.I am a member of MDC, thefashionspot & modelhommes. I participate actively in these forums and make sure to contribute photos I source from websites for the rest to enjoy. I also like that these forums have different members posting and I get to participate in a like-minded community. I am also a frequenter of blogs…. In short I am such a model fan. Also I have a few virtual (online) friends from Brazil who I talk to about male models and the fascination that maybe.. just maybe.. I may get to visit their country one day. It would be epic seeing all the hot bodies parading before my eyes.. And the preview is sooo hot! I think if I saw it in print, my hands will burn. On the off chance that I will be chosen, it will be one of the crowning glories of my magazine collection — which I have maintained throughout the years, spending big bucks to obtain a rare issue of An0ther, Numero Homme and An0ther Man… which aren’t locally sourced here.

Will: Wow… That’s amazing. And how daring to actually make a male model edition before a female one, because Lord knows Brazil has gorgeous women as well (Gisele for example). But to put the men in front is a great message that says men can be sexy too and aren’t second rate models or “accessories” to accompany female models. Simply gender equality. The reason why I would like a copy is because first, I think the idea, content and models are electric, and second, I don’t know how else to get hold of a copy. Cheers!!

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The Italian Job

June 21st, 2010 |Posted by Betty

As Milan men’s show wraps up for S/S 11, a flurry of Fall/Winter 10 campaigns descend. The venerable Italian powerhouses of Dolce & Gabbana, Miu, Miu and Prada all reveal their direction come September. What’s inspiring you for fall?

Steven Meisel for Prada Men F/W 10. Mathias Bergh and Angela Lindvall

Prada image 2:Valerija Kelava and Kim Dall Armi, Daria Strokous and Clement Chabernaud, Mark Cox and Sigrid Agren, Angela and Mathias.

Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana Men F/W 10. Arthur Kulkov, Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Evandro Soldati, Sam Webb

Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana F/W 10 Campaign Preview. Max Schneider and Madonna

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Miu Miu F/W 10. Ginta Lapina and Siri Tollerod

Image sources: Mega Models Germany, New York Models, Joy Models, the Fashionspot, Dolce &

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Bits & Bytes: CFDA by Kevin

June 9th, 2010 |Posted by Betty



You’ve seen all the red carpet images from the CFDA event; now get the REAL feel of the fabulous night captured by Kevin Tachman only at Backstage@.

Fashion news:

Also check out the CFDA afterparty, on WWD at the Boom Boom Room of course.

Jil Sander for Uniqlo, Olivier Theyskens for Theory. Read about the NYTimes theory of 21st century fashion.

Business of Fashion talks to new Hermes artistic director, Christophe Lemaire. We remember when Christophe had his own line in the 90’s but didn’t know that it almost led to a meltdown for him.

Lorenzo Martone launches a swimwear line. If there’s one thing the Brazilians know about, besides models is bathing suits.

Oh if only we had the money to drop on this Givenchy luggage, we would so do it.

Gucci gets into the iPad game (joining Louis Vuitton).

On T Magazine, Kehinde Wiley‘s new collection for Puma, just in time for the World Cup. Love it.

Modeling news:

If you haven’t seen Evandro Soldati in Lady Gaga‘s Alejandro yet, check it out here now. He looks better than ever.

Frockwriter on the meaning of Lara Stone for her triple Calvin Klein exclusive.

Here are more pics of the gorgeous men at VMan’s big soccer event.

Gisele and Alessandra were found in this part of Brazil. Follow this Brazilian scout in this video for the NY Times. Now our question is, why are black and more ethnic models NOT being found in Brazil? There’s certainly not a lack of gorgeous ethnic faces in this country.

Helena Christensen visits a hotel made of trash in Rome.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley‘s official Transformers 3 announcement from her London agency, see below. Read about the Imagist’s musings on LA and Rosie’s as the ideal.

David Bowie backs out of the room, bowing and saying icon, icon“. God how much do we love Iman.


This post made me laugh about jaguars being obsessed by Calvin Klein’s Obsessionn. Rawrrr!

Gucci Westman‘s new nail and lip lines for Revlon looks like the perfect shades for summer.

Photography news:

Tommy on Hanneli. One street style photog captures another street style photog.

British photographer Brian Duffy, responsible for some of the most recognizable images of the 20th Century dies. Check out his David Bowie, Jean Shrimpton, Michael Caine photos.

Why we love Peter Lindbergh, Garance Dore talks about her photographer crush.

Rosie image courtesy of Models 1.

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Bits & Bytes: Exclusively Dior Homme

May 5th, 2010 |Posted by Betty

Charlie Westerberg by Sharif Hamza for Dior Homme‘s fashion film, only at Nowness debuting tomorrow, Thursday May 6th.

The Nowness will feature an exclusive interview with Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche and film by Sharif Hamza. Charlie will appear with Douglas Neitzke and Oskar Landstrom, styled by Robbie Spencer. Click here on Thursday for the video (the video will not work till Thursday). (Image courtesy of Nowness)

Fashion news:

Industrie Magazine will be turning the tables and writing about the insiders behind camera. Business of Fashion has a peek and interview.

You saw our pics of the Met’s Costume Exhibit this year. Now take a video walk with NY Mag.

The new documentary on Halston looks like a must see.

OK, you fashionistas KNOW you want this, the Louis Vuitton iPad holder. It comes out next year.

Business of Fashion talks to Jefferson Hack, editor extraordinaire.

Wanna hang out with Anna Wintour? If you haven’t heard already, a week at Vogue with Ms. Wintour sells for 42,500 DOLLARS!! Thank goodness it’s for a worthy cause (the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights).


Adam Sandler’s “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” was loosely based on Vidal Sassoon? Wow.

Photographers, here are 13 ways to piss off a photo editor and get less work. Other excellent advice, this time from Andrew Eccles, “You can’t ever coast and you can’t ever quit.

Juergen Teller and Phoebe Philo‘s agent Katy Baggott has tragically passed away in her sleep at the young age of 39. Sadness.

Modeling news:

In loving memory of Ambrose Olson, Click Models puts up their favorite images of the young man. We will miss you, Ambrose.

Listen all you modeling agency scams and imposters… Ford Models is onto you.

The lovely Lydia Hearst talks about Steven Meisel changing her life, her charity and her transition to acting, only on Ponyryder.

Laetitia Casta will be Brigitte Bardot in a new movie about Serge Gainsbourg.

For all you model fans… who are also fans of Lost, take a look at the very young and gorgeous Josh Holloway.

Prod’n finds a 30 year old modeling book from Ford. Now THIS is a celebrity board.

Raquel Zimmermannn by Juergen Teller. Do you need to know anything else?

You want to know what the average male thinks of the top models? (Hint, it’s pretty damn clueless, as if you need us to tell you that.)

You saw the steamy pics of Evandro Soldati here in an exclusive sneak preview. Made in Brazil has the whole story behind his Brazilian male model extravaganza, Made in Brazil Magazine #1.

Beautiful newcomer belowJules from Adam NYC (via Excellent Male Model’s blog)

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Bits and Bytes: The Moment on Meisel

April 28th, 2009 |Posted by Betty


One of our favorite Meisel cover and stories ever, with Linda Evangelista. July 2005 Vogue Italia. Image via the Moment.

Steven Meisel‘s 3rd book is featured on the Moment. (FYI, he’s at 317 covers of Vogue Italia and still counting). Sign us up!

In other Meisel news, behind the scenes at his GF Ferre shoot! Sadly we don’t see him ourselves but you do get to see the lovely Viktoriya Sosonkina and the amazing Viggo (and the gooorgeous and unmistakeably Meisel lighting). If you want to see Anna Jagodzinska‘s Ferre behind the scenes, check out the Ferre website.

Is Beth Ditto Barbie sized?

1 Management interviews Rad Hourani. Rad is so rad!

IMG’s web series is nominated for a best reality online “Webby”, go here to cast your vote.

Evandro Soldati fans out there: here’s a shot that didn’t make the cover of DOM.

Some new great guys featured below: Roy at Request;  Justin and Omar at Boss

Roy from Request. Image from COACD.

Justin and Omar at Boss.Ph: Fabien Montique. Image from the Imagist.

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Bits and Bytes: Evandro Soldati

August 4th, 2008 |Posted by Betty

Evandro Soldati: sexy for Michael Roberts’ monograph for Dolce e Gabbana

Success Women’s board: Great new faces

The making of the Pirelli Calendar: Behind the scenes with Isabeli, Lara Stone and more

Who owns the Zeroes? The defining photographers/designers/stylists

Jed Root’s Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman: In the new Gap ad

Ph: Michael Roberts for Dolce & Gabbana lookbook from all the young dudes blog

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