First Look: Varon Issue 11

February 16th, 2016 |Posted by jonathan

For Winter/Spring 2016, menswear magazine Varon Magazine offers a tour of the British Isles, starting with Glaswegian actor and model Connor Newall in the cover story shot by Charlotte Hadden and styled in oversized silhouettes by Hugo Lavín. Inside, William Linton waits for London’s iconic double-deckers in some of the city’s brightest designers like Piczo and Lavín, while Nacho Pinedo and Lavín update one of the nation’s unofficial uniforms—the tracksuit—on Michael Sharp. Young designers Alex Mullins and Daniel W. Fletcher are profiled, along with Dsquared2 in a roadside feature by Kim Jakobsen To and Hamish Wirgman, and Paul Smith rounding up the visuals shot by Lonny Spence and styled by Lavín. The issue ends with a trip across the Channel, as Alex Franco (Paris: ARTIST & AGENCY Paris, NEW YORK: ARTIST & AGENCY) and Mari David capture Dzhovani Gospodinov and Piero Mendez in layers of knits in a Paris courtyard, shot like the rest of the issue—in the magazine’s characteristic sharp black and white.

Take an exclusive first look at the issue, available now, below.

Photographer – Charlotte Hadden | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Connor Newall

Photographer – Will Corry | Stylist – John Alexander Skelton | Model – Joe Frampton at Supa Model Management (London)

Photographer – Nacho Pinedo | Stylist – Natalia Bengoechea | Model – Gabi Sahhar at Tomorrow Is Another Day (Cologne)

Photographer – Kim Jakobsen To | Stylist – Hamish Wirgman

Photographer – Ryan Skelton | Stylist – Hamish Wirgman | Model – George Kirkup-Delph

Photographer – Piczo | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – William Linton at Tomorrow Is Another Day (Cologne)

Photographer – Lonny Spence | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Jack L at Tomorrow Is Another Day (Cologne)

Photographer – Charlotte Hadden | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Connor Newall

Photographer – Nacho Pinedo | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Michael Sharp

Photographer – Lonny Spence | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Tony Bryan

Photographer – Alex Franco (Paris: ARTIST & AGENCY Paris, NEW YORK: ARTIST & AGENCY) | Stylist – Mari David | Model – Piero Mendez

Photographer – Lonny Spence | Stylist – Hugo Lavín | Model – Tony Bryan

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First Look: Suited Magazine #2

October 23rd, 2015 |Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix

For the second coming of Suited Magazine, the body takes shape. The biannual fashion and art publication, uses the corporeal form as the main topic in order to get a better understanding of the self. Defying categorization, contributors are able to tell their stories in the flesh through fashion, art and design. With works from Hans Neumann, Paul Jung, Matthew Priestley, and Steven Yatsko the latest issue touches on a myriad of topics like using fashion as social commentary from the eyes of Brooklyn Circus founder Ouigi Theodore to the celebration of the new guard from Parson The New School of Design to the far away lands of Iceland.

86-103-Story---Myla-Dalbesio-(dragged)-2 86-103-Story---Myla-Dalbesio-(dragged)-1
Myla Dalbesio by Paul Jung (Paris: ARTIST & AGENCY Paris, NEW YORK: ARTIST & AGENCY) / Styling Jessica Willis / Hair Tomoyuki Tamura / Makeup Aya Komatsu (BRIDGE Artists)

34-45-Fashion---Dior-Homme-(dragged)-1 34-45-Fashion---Dior-Homme-(dragged)
Dzhovani Gospodinov by Conan Thai / Styling Ashley Owens / Hair Muriel Vancauwen / Makeup Rommy Najor


Rose SmithMelanie Culley and Ryan Keating by Steven Yatsko / Styling Raul Guerrero / Hair Takayoshi Tsukisawa / Makeup Tomohiro Muramatsu (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris)

Avery Tharp and Susannah Liguori by Joshua Woods / Styling Raul Guerrero / Hair Holly Mills / Makeup Tiffany Patton / Casting Director Julia Samersova

152-168-Editorial---Nicholas-Alan-Cope-(dragged) 152-168-Editorial---Nicholas-Alan-Cope-(dragged)-2
Dorota Kullova by Nicholas Cope (Walter Schupfer Management) / Styling Jessica Willis / Hair William Blair / Makeup Tiffany Patton

124-137-Editorial---Hans-Neumann-(dragged) 124-137-Editorial---Hans-Neumann-(dragged)-1
Sara Cummings by Hans Neumann (De Facto) / Styling Dianna Lunt / Hair Nicolas Eldin / Makeup Yacine Diallo (De Facto)


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Pink Aura

July 1st, 2014 |Posted by Janelle

Balenciaga has never shied away from creating arresting images come campaign season and this time around the brand delights with a darkly romantic vision for menswear. Josh Olins shoots Dzhovani Gospodinov surrounded by fuchsia flora for the line’s fall ads and it makes for a captivating image series. The contrast between the clean lines of Alexander Wang‘s graphic collection and the wild oddly colored background makes thing eerie and interesting.




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