The Sexier Side

July 6th, 2010 |Posted by Janelle

From blonde ingenue to brunette bombshell; Dioni Tabbers transforms for Vogue Italia in a sultry beauty editorial by Ellen von Unwerth. Dressed in sheer tops and Prada frames, chosen by stylist Cathy Kasterine, Dioni radiates a sensuality and sex appeal we’ve never seen from her before and end result is breathtaking.


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Ellen’s Naughty Tale

June 17th, 2010 |Posted by Betty

You can spot an Ellen von Unwerth image from a mile away; her provocative and titillating work has captivated the industry for more than 2 decades.  Her new short film for VS Magazine sparkles with everything we love about Ellen’s aesthetic: beautiful girls, incredible fashion, steamy interaction, a captivating story and above it all a sense of joyfulness. Watch the lovely Dioni Tabbers cavort as the princess, she’s a delight to watch.

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Tach Sharp

September 12th, 2009 |Posted by Betty

Dioni Tabbers. Ph Kevin Tachman from his blog.
One of our favorite new photogs on the backstage scene is Kevin Tachman. With great energy and an even better eye (and Starworks approved!), it makes fashion week bearable to have someone like him around. Go to his new blog,; check out his pics at the V Magazine-Women/Supreme event where you can see the cutest new model couple (hint: think Finn) and for Eniko, AJ etc at Monarchy. Look for his upcoming exclusive MDC story on the hot new boy in town.

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