Two of a Kind

January 19th, 2016 |Posted by jonathan

For its latest issue for Spring/Summer 2016, the artsy Parisian menswear magazine turns to two of today’s most striking faces, Jackson Hale and Sol Goss, for a cover pairing photographed by Jackie Nickerson that celebrates individuality and creativity, a couple of the publication’s touchstones. Within, Kim Jones dresses the two models in vintage pieces celebrating the punk collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, while James Giles and Niklas Bildstein Zaar capture an otherworldly landscape of sea, stone and lava. Photographer Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management) partners with founders Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin to celebrate the iconic, anarchic films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, while CG Watkins and Rich Aybar riff on real estate and the collapse of the American dream in “Management.” Oliver Hadlee Pearch (Camilla Lowther Management) and Benjamin Kirchhoff ( D + V Management) riff on a military vibe, and Josh Hight and Julian Ganio, demonstrating the ability to see things differently that is one of MASSES’s key strengths, find surprising variety in the blandest of colors in “Beige est beige”.

Take an exclusive first look at the issue—available on Thursday exclusively at Dover Street Market, London, and Trading Museum Comme des Garçons, The Broken Arm, and Colette, Paris, and worldwide a week later—below:

Jackson Hale and Sol Goss, photography by Jackie Nickerson, styling by Kim Jones


Kirill Glazkov, photography by Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management), creative direction by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Kirill Glazkov, Paul Lemaire at Rock Men, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Paul Monthiers, Gianni Locatelli at Tomorrow Is Another Day, Mathieu, photography by Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management), creative direction by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Louis Backhouse, photography by Josh Hight, styling by Julian Ganio

Ivo at Tomorrow Is Another Day, photography by CG Watkins, styling by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Ivo at Tomorrow Is Another Day, photography by CG Watkins, styling by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Andy Bradin, photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, styling by Benjamin Kirchhoff ( D + V Management)

Sacha Celaya, photography by John Mccarty, styling by Maarten van der Horst

Yvan Gary, photography by Bruna Kazinoti (2DM), creative direction by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Eric Pivot and Ryan Roberson, photography by CG Watkins, styling by Rich Aybar

Eric Pivot and Ryan Roberson, photography by CG Watkins, styling by Rich Aybar

Sol Goss and Jackson Hale, photography by Jackie Nickerson, styling by Kim Jones

Sol Goss, photography by Jackie Nickerson, styling by Kim Jones

Tomasso Igel at Tomorrow Is Another Day, photography by James Giles, creative direction and styling by Niklas Bildstein Zaar

Tomasso Igel at Tomorrow Is Another Day, photography by James Giles, creative direction and styling by Niklas Bildstein Zaar

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10 Magazine Gets Fresh with Fall

August 18th, 2015 |Posted by steven.yatsko

Touching on the gamut of autumn’s fashion notes, 10 Magazine hit the stands yesterday with multiple covers following a revamp. Though, nothing overly autumnal here. From the looks of things, 10’s fall is about fun and flash. Lindsey Wixson‘s beauty cover by Donna Trope keeps things crisp and rosy with floral accessories adding just enough gloss. Meghan Collison by Richard Burbridge is a reminder that chic is always modern, and Harleth Kuusik‘s cover reflects on a waning summer while looking forward to this season’s color palette. These three ladies of the moment were styled by 10’s own editor-in-chief Sophia Neophitou, while newcomer Unia Pakhomova’s cover by CG Watkins was styled by Hector Castro10 Men Magazine also has multiple cover stars: Lucky Blue Smith, Matthias K, Rory Cooper and Dylan Bell. All play around with more asymmetrical poses donning the latest wares for the guys, styled by Hector Castro.


Lindsey Wixson by Donna Trope / stylist Sophia Neophitou

Meghan Collison by Richard Burbridge (Art + Commerce) / Stylist Sophia Neophitou / Hair Yannick D’Is (Management + Artists) / Makeup Francelle Daly (Art + Commerce)

Harleth Kuusik  / Stylist Sophia Neophitou / Hair Pierpaolo Lai / Makeup Susie Sobol

Unia Pakhomova by CG Watkins / Stylist Hector Castro

Lucky Blue Smith by Magnus Unnar

Matthias K / Stylist Hector Castro / Hair Ramona Eschbach (Jed Root) / Makeup Hugo Villard (Atomo Management)

Rory Cooper by Alessio Bolzoni (Atomo Management) / Stylist Hector Castro / Hair Ramona Eschbach (Jed Root) / Makeup Alice Ghendrih (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY)

Dylan Bell by Charlotte Wales

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Moral Minority

July 9th, 2015 |Posted by jonathan

The rebellious French menswear magazine MASSES Magazine takes on convention in their Fall/Winter 2015 issue, pushing the boundaries and rethinking the idea of what a fashion magazine can be. Based off the theme of mœurs (French for morals and manners), the issue opens with a striking cover image of founders Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin by CG Watkins, their faces covered by white cloth napkins as is the tradition while eating ortolans, small birds long eaten whole by the French in a culinary specialty now banned by the government. The push and pull between revealing and concealing is on display in a feature by Kira Bunse as well, with a series of portraits of a model dressed in suits and a headpiece that covers his entire face. Other features by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Bruna Kazinoti have a sharp edge to them, crisp editorials that buzz with a dangerous energy. Take a look at our exclusive preview of the new issue below.

by CG Watkins Fashion by Rich Aybar

Misty by Walter Pearce | Fashion by Mark Jen Hsu

Hugues by Bruna Kazinoti (2DM ) | Fashion by Adam Winder

By CG Watkins

Eliott and Ryan by Oliver Hadlee Pearch (Camilla Lowther Management) | Fashion by Benjamin Kirchhoff

Domonkos by Reto Schmid | Fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Moeurs by Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management) | Fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin

Jonas Gloer and Ezra by John Mccarty | Fashion by Maarten Van Der Horst



Cover story, Golo by CG Watkins | Fashion by Rich Aybar

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Off Kilter

April 14th, 2015 |Posted by steven.yatsko

METAL Magazine no. 33 resides at a frequency somewhere between installation art and the fashion image, deliberately acting off-kilter in its latest issue. Metal’s Spring/Summer issue has still-lifes dueling with oft midway moments that serve up a slate of fresh talent and makers. The cover story features a banged Stina Rapp Wastenson photographed by Mari Sarai. Check out the exclusive preview before the issue is out!

Images courtesy of Metal Magazine

Stina Rapp Wastenson by Mari Sarai (Society MGMT), Styling by Raquel Garcia, Hair by Thanos Samaras, Makeup by Cedric Jolivet (See Management)
Anine Van Velzen by Arnaud Lajeunie, Styling by Victoria Sekrier, Hair by Gilles Degivry (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY), Makeup by Hugo Villard (Atomo Management)
William by Greta Ilieva, Styling by Victoria Sekrier, Hair by Louis Ghewy, Makeup by Joanna Banach
Fredrika Larsson by Poncho Paradela, Styling by Georgina Santiago, Hair and Makeup by Manuela Panne
Carl by Amanda Camenisch, Styling Lorenzo Posocco, Hair by Rachel Bredy, Make up Daniela Koller
Lucie Grace by Ilaria Orsini, Styling Nobuko Tannawa, Hair by Yumi Nakada-Dingle, Makeup by Nobuko Maekawa
Reba Maybury by CG Watkins, Styling Santi Rodriguez, Grooming by Hiroshi Matsushita


Willis, Ronnie and Simon by Alexandra LeeseStyling Stevie Westgarth (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ), Hair by Roku Roppongi, Makeup by Gina Blondell

Lena Hardt by Richard Jensen, Styling by Benjamin Brouillet, Hair by Olivier Henry, Makeup byKarin Westerlund
Alyosha Kovalyova by Atlanta Rascher, Styling by Nina Walbecq, Hair by Louis Ghewy, Makeup by Danielle Kahlani
Dane by Ben Lamberty (See Management), Styling Romina Herrera Malatesta (See Management), Hair by Riad Azar
Alastair George by Nicole Maria Winkler, Styling by Santi Rodriguez, Hair by Yumi Nakada-Dingle, Makeup Angela Davis-Deacon
Lily Turnbull by Baud Postma, Styling by Raquel Garcia, Hair by Yumi Nakada-Dingle, Makeup by Emma Williams

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Mass Appeal

December 18th, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

As we prepare to turn the page on 2014, the intriguing French menswear magazine MASSES Magazine is all set to take us into 2015 with a Winter/Spring issue out this week. CG Watkins’ striking cover introduces a full story shot in Cape Town with fashion by Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones out of his own archive with groundbreaking pieces from the under-appreciated cult designer and artist Christopher Nemeth. The other features within offer a refreshing difference from the typical fashion glossy, from the androgynous appeal of Nicolas Coulomb and Florence Tetier’s story with styling by Georgia Pendlebury to the rich spirituality of Watkins’ feature with fashion by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin. An exclusive portfolio of the late Malian photographer Adama Kouyaté’s classic portraits round out the artistic angle, while Brett Lloyd offers a take on the year to come with quirky looks by Lotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris). Take a look at our exclusive preview below.




Ph. CG Watkins / Fashion Kim Jones, all clothing Christopher Nemeth archives of Kim Jones / Models street cast in Cape Town South Africa



Ph. CG Watkins / Fashion Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin


Ph. Adama Kouyaté / Exclusive portfolio of Kouyaté, a Malian photographer


Ph. Nicolas Coulomb & Florence Tetier/ Fashion Georgia Pendlebury

Ph. Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management) / Creative Direction Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin / Model Francois Canipel

Ph. Bruna Kazinoti / Fashion Eric Diulein & Sacha Quintin/

Ph. Brett Lloyd / Fashion Lotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris)

Other contributors include Mathieu Perroud, John McCarty, Maarten Van Der Horst, Devin Blair, Santi Rodriguez.

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The Art of Anew

October 9th, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

Art and fashion are far from strangers these days, but they form a special sort of connection in the latest issue of Italian magazine ANEW, the avant-garde brainchild of founders Francesco Bonami, Coco Brandolini D’Adda, and Martina Mondadori, in a richly textured feature that pulls inspiration from the groundbreaking work of performance artist Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus movement. Shot by CG Watkins and styled by Ilaria Norsa, with creative direction by Dan Thawley, the story features Tommaso de Benedictis and Karlis Adlers in some of Fall’s most memorable pieces, acting out a struggle of man vs. beast before works by Daniel Arsham and Peter Zimmermann at Paris’ Galerie Perrotin. “Shooting in a gallery was actually quite invigorating,” de Benedictis laughs. “You would get the occasional visitor who seemed a little perplexed when they encountered two shirtless models ‘fighting’ one another on the ground in front of an artwork.”

Those visitors might have taken some insight from de Benedictis himself, who began a master’s program in modern Russian art history at London’s Courtauld Institute last week and knows a thing or two about the intricacies of 20th-century art. “I got really excited when I learned that we were shooting in the Galerie Perrotin,” he says. “I had previously studied Beuys and the Fluxus movement at university and was familiar with their artistic objectives. The interesting thing about the Fluxus movement, with Beuys at its core, was the idea that interaction between the spectator and the artist became more important than any physical artistic outcome, and that this interaction actually became the artwork itself. So when we were shooting in the gallery, there was always a sense of interaction with the artworks on display, which adds another layer of meaning to the story.”










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For The Masses

May 21st, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

The Spring 2015 men’s shows are less than a month away, and upstart Parisian menswear magazine MASSES Magazine is already pointing the way ahead with their upcoming Summer/Fall issue. New face Pierre Lanoe takes the cover spot with a striking close-up lensed by Bruna Kazinoti, leading off a feature that offers up a taste of schoolboy chic with cheeky suits styled by Niklas Bildstein Zaar. The rest of the issue, seen here in an exclusive preview, has a workmanlike theme, with a retro-tinged study of aviation by CG Watkins and Reto Schmid’s dissection of cubicle boredom, both with fashion by Sacha Quintin and Eric Diulein. The sharp biannual also offers a look ahead at Fall, with a stark portfolio of the season’s most desirable coats from Dior Homme, Givenchy, and others. Promising new faces are aplenty throughout, demonstrating a distinct creative vision and a keen eye for what’s to come.



Photography by Bruna Kazinoti, styling by Niklas Bildstein Zaar, cover model Pierre Lanoe and Jake Love


Photography by Reto Schmid, art direction by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin, models Louis Morelli, Albert Razumov, Michael Morvan


Photography by CG Watkins, styling by Eric Diulein and Sacha Quintin, model Johann Jenkinson

Photography by Brett Lloyd, styling byLotta Volkova Adam (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris), models Jean Lemaire, Kimie


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Metal Magic

April 15th, 2014 |Posted by

Sport and fashion combine in the pages of METAL Magazine‘s new issue with a spirited selection of editorials that focus on movement, grace and agility. Utilizing the season’s heavily patterned runway pieces and an impressive roster of contributors, Metal creates a youthful vibe that is downright infectious. The dual covers with Nika Cole on the cover in paint splattered Celine set against a graffiti background and Max Lester looking nonchalant in Frederik Heyman’s trippy imagery, set the stage for an issue that pushes into the surreal while exploring the best elements of statement dressing.

For even more Metal check out Revista




Ph. Mari Sarai / Model Nika Cole / Fashion Editor Raquel Garcia


Ph. Mathilde Agius / Fashion Editor –Melina Nicolaide


Ph. Roger Deckker


Ph. Bryan Huynh


Ph. Arnaud LaJeune / Model – Franzi Mueller


Ph. Frederik Heyman


Ph. Mads Perch


Ph.Simon Thiselton


Ph. Baud Postma / Model – Alina Levichkina


Ph. CG Watkins


Ph. Frederik Heyman / Model – Max Lester

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