All About Anna

February 11th, 2015 |Posted by Janelle

With her name on everyone’s lips and a career that just keeps hitting new highs, Anna Ewers is a bonafide star. Industry insiders voted her the breakout star of the year here on and with the March issue of Vogue Germany it is easy to understand why. Vogue dedicates an entire issue to all things Anna and enlists several of the world’s top photographers to shoot her in a variety of styles. Luigi & Iango (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York), Camilla Akrans (Stockholm: LUNDLUND, New York: Management + Artists), Daniel Jackson, Patrick Demarchelier and Peter Lindbergh create five distinctive covers starring Anna allowing her to play with looks ranging from Bardot-esque minx to barefaced beauty.

For a full look inside the issue head over to



Ph. Luigi & Daniele + Iango / Fashion Christiane Arp / Makeup Karim Rahman / Hair Luigi Murenu (Streeters New York)



Ph. Peter Lindbergh / Fashion Christiane Arp / Hair Odile Gilbert (Exposure NY) / Makeup Emmanuel Sammartino



Ph. Daniel Jackson / Fashion Julia von Boehm / Hair Esther Langham / Makeup Hannah Murray



Ph. Camilla Akrans (Stockholm: LUNDLUND, New York: Management + Artists) / Fashion Nicola Knels / Makeup Wendy Rowe / Hair Franco Gobbi (Streeters New York)



Ph. Patrick Demarchelier / Fashion Sarajane Hoare (Home Agency) / Hair Odile Gilbert (Exposure NY) / Makeup Emmanuel Sammartino

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Jean Genie

February 9th, 2015 |Posted by holly

In a new exclusive for Vogue Japan, Alisa Ahmann is captured lazily lounging around the beach in a sun-induced haze by photographer Camilla Akrans ( Management + Artists). Stylist Sissy Vian (Management + Artists) uses the blue tones of the ocean as a perfect backdrop for head-to-toe denim outfits. Do we even need to say anything about Alisa’s short, golden curls? Nope.

– By Mitch Ryan

Check it out now at Vogue Japan and on







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Crimson Peak

January 14th, 2015 |Posted by Janelle

Vanessa Moody.
Camilla Akrans (New York: Management + Artists, Stockholm: LUNDLUND).
Vogue Germany.

A flawless coverstory from start to finish, Akrans adjusts her signature style shifting into harder territory with a bold red color palette and imagery filled with artistry. Vanessa goes full throttle showcasing her posing skills like never before, conveying sensuality and elegance all in a glance. Sheer makeup by Wendy Rowe and slicked back hair by Franco Gobbi (Streeters New York) complete the story, which is easily among the month’s best.

See more from the February Issue on




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First Look: Document No. 4

April 25th, 2014 |Posted by Matthew


Many magazines set out to bridge the worlds of art and fashion, but few compare to the engaging volumes Document assembles with each issue. After last fall’s Paul McCarthy designed cover, Document’s offering for S/S 14 continues to combine arresting editorials, bastions of the contemporary art world, and vital conversations to provide a comprehensive window onto today’s cultural landscape.

Seeking “spontanaeity, authenticity, and simplicity,” Document No. 4 addresses authorship with photographer Nan Goldin, architecture with Brazil’s Carla Juaçaba, and diversity with Liya Kebede and Bethann Hardison. Elsewhere, fashion crossovers Willem Dafoe and Erykah Badu discuss unique presence in the respective worlds of cinema and music, while legends of style Didier Malige (Art Partner) and Joe McKenna (Art Partner) collide to discuss fashion past, present, and future.

As for the editorials, Document showcases top models Malgosia Bela and Freja Beha Erichsen on two different covers that illuminate each versatile beauty’s standalone presence. Photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby shoots Malgosia styled by Jodie Barnes in an array of guises that hit the season’s boldest trends. Exploring performance, photographer Collier Schorr captures Freja’s nuanced turn as a Method actor. The unstoppable Amanda Wellsh plays around before Alex Olson’s lens, Lily McMenamy styles herself for a profile of designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, and things turn surreal when Camilla Akrans (Stockholm: LUNDLUND, New York: Management + Artists) shoots Missy Rayder. Not to be surpassed in the months between biannual issues, Document and photographer Christian MacDonald nominate 17 of spring’s most promising faces, all sporting pre-Fall looks styled by Document’s Fashion Director James Valeri.

Be on the lookout for Document No. 4, on newsstands now.



Freja Beha Erichsen by Collier Schorr, styled by James Valeri





Malgosia Bela, Neelam Gill, Valters Medenis by Benjamin Alexander Huseby, styled by Jodie Barnes



Ehren Dorsey, Gryphon O’Shea, Maja Salamon, Hollie May Saker, Andreas Lindquist, Betty Adewole and Jacob Morton by Christian MacDonald, styled by James Valeri


Stephen James, Matt Woodhouse by Collier Schorr, styling by James Valeri


Roberto Sipos, Martin Conte by Brett Lloyd, styling by Tom Guinness


Lily McMenamy by Alessio Boni, styled by James Valeri and Lily herself


Hanne Gaby Odiele by Pierre Debusschere, makeup by Adrien Pinault (Management + Artists)

Cover by Sterling Ruby

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June 25th, 2013 |Posted by Janelle

The pages of Vogue China serve as a sumptuous showcase for both the beauty of Camilla Akrans‘s (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists) sleek images and the allure of rising star Loulou Robert. Stylist Ludivine Poiblanc‘s (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) selection of colorful floral patterns from fashion’s very best labels provides an appealing overview of one of the season’s key trends. LouLou wears it all with ease, adding an touch of sensuality to every shot. Add in the gorgeously coifed hair courtesy of Akki Shirakawa and a glossy nude cosmetic look by the legendary Wendy Rowe and you have a story that is perfection.

See the full story on Art Partner




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mdc ♥s : fragrant fantasies

November 20th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

Kati Nescher is one of our favorite dark beauties –  Photography by Camilla Akrans (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) for Vogue Germany | See the entire story in the database.

The holidays are right around the corner and soon it will be time to treat everyone you know to something special. In the meantime though, why not treat yourself to one of the season’s sexy, mysterious and downright dangerous fragrances. What better way to spice up the cold weather and add a little glamour to the equation. Take a look at our favorites, from the coy coquettishness of By Kilian to the overwhelmingly intense decadence of Serge Lutens.

BY KILIAN BAMBOO HARMONY – We’re used to Kilian Hennessy treating us to bombastic, larger than life fragrances befitting heroines of classic literature, screen sirens and divas alike, so we were surprised to find his latest is a subtly sexy blend of mimosa, bergamot and neroli combined with oakmoss. The scent is meant to convey the experience of a sip of white tea and as such it is calming, delicate and peaceful. The darkness emerges after the dry down, when the spices, fig and Maté Essence emerge and take things one step further – after all, it wouldn’t be a Kilian scent without a little drama.

CHANEL COCO NOIR – How do you re-imagine a classic? The original Coco is the fragrant equivalent of a Little Black Dress, elegant, timeless and universally appealing, so much so that at first it was hard to imagine anything could compete with that legacy. Rather than attempting a Coco 2.0, Chanel’s in-house perfumer Jacques Polge, provides us with a whole new journey; skillfully merging rose, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood into a scent that is seductive and modern.

SERGE LUTENS SARRASINS – Serge Lutens is master of the idiosyncratic fragrance and with Sarrasins he creates a lush vision of jasmine that is intoxicating. Lutens’ ultra-chic cloche scents were previously only available at the line’s boutique in Les Salons du Palais Royale, but they’ve crossed the pond and are now available stateside at Barney’s Madison Avenue location. Take our word for it, they are well worth either trip – but if you can’t make the voyage give them a call at 212-833-2425.

TOM FORD NOIR – Gentlemen, start your engines. Tom Ford delivers another surefire hit via his latest scent Noir, a suitably sophisticated take on men’s fragrance with unexpected notes. Bulgarian rose, violets and nutmeg make for a sweeter, more sensuous blend, one that is sure to be appreciated across gender boundaries.

MARC JACOBS DAISY INTENSE – Just in case you’re not quite ready to give up on the light, airy florals that signify Spring – Marc Jacobs has got you covered. The deeper, darker version of his perennial favorite, Daisy is a girly treat packed with strawberries and gardenias but the added musk, vanilla and woods make things far more inline with the season at hand.

BYREDO APOCALYPTIC – With a name like Apocalyptic Byredo’s candle is setting the bar pretty high, but fear not Ben Gorham and co. manage to live up to that fateful moniker. This is the end of the world as imagined by the ultimate optimist – black raspberry, fire iron (they even got the metallic tinge just right) and birch wood. You’ll have to smell it for yourself to get the full experience, but try it on say December 21st.

JO MALONE DARK AMBER & GINGER LILY – Wearable incense coupled with amber and ginger – one of our all time favorites. Maybe it is a little early to start throwing around the words ‘modern classic’ but this is certainly a great touch of darkness for fall. Plus, since it is a Jo Malone, it can be layered over other perfumes to create something wholly original – we like it with the icy White Jasmine and Mint.

DIPTYQUE VOLUTES – Iris, tobacco, honey and myrrh – it is hard to think of notes that are headier, or more appealing than that. Volutes is all about the fantastical, fragrant journeys that perfume can take us on. Even the copy, with its appealing descriptions of “enigmatic elegant women leaning on the rail on top deck, indulging in the pleasure of Khedive cigarettes” is wonderfully transportive. The fragrance is top notch in true Diptyque fashion. Put down the candles and give this a sniff next time you pop into the store.

CREED LOVE IN BLACK – Inspired by Jackie O and filled with flowers that only bloom at night – does it get more elegant than that?

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Double Vision : Alexander Wang

November 15th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

As fashion’s current king of downtown cool, Alexander Wang has perfected a look that is both eye-catching and easy going. It isn’t unusual to see Wang’s wares popping up in fashion glossies month after month, but it is interesting to see how his look is interpreted by a variety of talents. One of last season’s most memorable and popular Wang pieces was the fishnet turtleneck, a statement item that adds a touch a mystery to any ensemble. Most stylists didn’t stray too far from the runway vision of this particular look, but every so often the versatility of this staple was showcased via a well-timed change of pace. With the addition of the equally ubiquitous Jil Sander pink overcoat, or a bit of menswear inspired Paul & Joe, the mood shifts completely. That said, the Wang turtleneck looks just as good all by itself, revealing a touch of come-hither skin or adding another layer of sexy to a pop star’s daring repertoire.

Alexander Wang F/w 12 Magnified Fishnet Turtleneck

Interview Magazine – photography by Greg Harris | styling by Karl Templer

Dazed & Confused  by Yelena Yemchuk | Styled by Karen Langley | Model Julia Nobis

Document – photography by Paul Wetherell | Styling by James Valeri | Model – Bette Franke

S Moda for El Pais photography by Tetsuharu Kubota | Styled by Isabel Moralejo | Model Aline Weber

Harper’s Bazaar photography by Camilla Akrans (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists)| Styled by Mel Ottenberg | Model – Rihanna

Intermission Magazine by Patrik Sehlstedt | Styled by Brian Molloy | Model Kolfinna Kristofersdottir

Vogue Australia photography by Will Davidson | Styled by Natasha Royt | Model Crystal Renn

Vogue Espana photography by Lachlan Bailey (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists)| Styled by Géraldine Saglio| Model Kendra Spears

Photography by Mark Pillai | Styled by Barbara Loison| Model Hanna at Viva

Elle photography by Emma Tempest | Styled by Natalie Wansbrough-Jones | Model Kelsey Van Mook

Modern Weekly (China) photography by Daniel Jackson | Styled by Alastair McKimm | Models Fei Fei Sun and Du Juan

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Moa by Camilla

June 26th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

25 Magazine‘s lush revamp is focused on all things related to female sensuality and the editorials exemplify that ideal. One of the most compelling stories within the issue is Camilla Akrans (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists)’s simply stunning shots of Moa Aberg. Simple, evocative and focused on the instant appeal of Moa, the story is a pure delight.



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