Wonderland Beauties

December 5th, 2008 |Posted by Wayne

The new Wonderland is rocking the stands in the UK and we were fascinated to see the Eastern European contingent clocking massive pages in the new issue. From cover girl Anya K, to Olga, Yuri and Masha, these boys and girls continue to burn that pure editorial beauty.

Anya K by Simon Thiselton

Anya K by Simon Thiselton

Olga Sherer

Yuri Pleskun

Masha Novoselova. Images courtesy of Wonderland.

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The Calvin Exclusive

September 12th, 2008 |Posted by Betty

For those anxiously awaiting the arrival of Anna Selezneva in NY on the heels of her September Paris Vogue cover; her absence at any shows was an obvious marker that the powers that be had whisked her away for that coveted Calvin exclusive. What’s also exciting is the frenzy that surrounds the new girls that debut for Calvin in NY. Ladies, get ready for Europe!

Some pols and video on the new girls!

Anya K was Girl 1- Marilyn NY Polaroids

Sigrid Agren– NY Models, Elite Paris, Elite Milan Polaroids

Charlotte Hoyer– IMG, 2PM (EXCLUSIVE for Calvin in NY). See her immaculate walk on MDX

Sophie Srej-IMG (EXCLUSIVE for Calvin in NY)

Anastasija– NY Models. Polaroids

Katrin Thormann– Women NY, Women Milan, Premier London, Nathalie Paris. Polaroids and Dazed and Confused cover. Look for our upcoming backstage interview with Katrin.

Charlotte/IMG NY, 2PM. Runway shots courtesy of 2PM Copenhagen.

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Anya opens Calvin

September 11th, 2008 |Posted by Betty

Though she arrives late to New York, it obviously didn’t matter….Anya from Marilyn opens Calvin. Seen first on OTM: Anja lands!

Ph: Betty Sze for MDC

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