L’Officiel Hommes Italia

June 22nd, 2016 |Posted by jonathan

Just in time for Paris Fashion Week, L’Officiel Hommes Italia‘s latest issue features French star Louis Garrel on one of two covers, photographed by Stefano Galuzzi and styled by Emil Rebek. Rising new face and photographer Paul Lemaire takes the other cover by Robbie Fimmano and Havana Laffitte to lead off a look at the Fall season ahead. Serge Leblon and Emil Rebek capture new faces Elias de Poot and Ville Sydfors in strong outerwear, while Omar Ahmed brings an edge to streetwise layering. Fumi Nagasaka and Julian Jesus capture the young energy of New York with a mix of models and street casting, and Laurence Ellis and Anders Solvsten Thomsen find a quiet moment by the lake for reflection.

Take a first look at the issue, out now, below.


Louis Garrel | Photographer – Stefano Galuzzi (Walter Schupfer Management) | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Paul Lemaire | Photographer – Robbie Fimmano (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Stylist – Havana Laffitte (Streeters New York)


Louis Garrel | Photographer – Stefano Galuzzi (Walter Schupfer Management) | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Louis Garrel | Photographer – Stefano Galuzzi (Walter Schupfer Management) | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Paul Lemaire | Photographer – Robbie Fimmano (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Stylist – Havana Laffitte (Streeters New York)


Paul Lemaire | Photographer – Robbie Fimmano (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Stylist – Havana Laffitte (Streeters New York)


Left: Dozie | Right: August Gonet | Photographer – Fumi Nagasaka | Stylist – Julian Jesus (See Management)


Left: Zack Riddle (IMG (New York)) | Right: Yancarlos Jimenez (Re:Quest Model Management NY (New York)) | Photographer – Fumi Nagasaka | Stylist – Julian Jesus (See Management)


Omar Ahmed | Photographer – Ben Grieme | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Omar Ahmed | Photographer – Ben Grieme | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Ville Sydfors | Photographer – Serge Leblon (Management + Artists) | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Elias de Poot | Photographer – Serge Leblon (Management + Artists) | Stylist – Emil Rebek


Left: Theo Neilson at Select Model Management (London) | Right: Nick Fortna at Supa Model Management (London) | Photographer – Laurence Ellis (Creative and Partners) | Stylist – Anders Solvsten Thomsen (Camilla Lowther Management)


Left: Theo Neilson at Select Model Management (London) | Right: Nick Fortna at Supa Model Management (London) and Malik Jalloh | Photographer – Laurence Ellis (Creative and Partners) | Stylist – Anders Solvsten Thomsen (Camilla Lowther Management)

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June 23rd, 2015 |Posted by jonathan

We may already be looking ahead to the Spring 2016 collections, but L’Officiel Hommes Italia offers a bracing reminder that we still have the crisp days of autumn to come with a Fall/Winter issue, just out last week. A dual cover pairs two superstars, the talented young British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and social media sensation Lucky Blue Smith—1.1 million Instagram followers and counting—to showcase a meeting of art and celebrity. Carlotta Manaigo captures the new face Tim Dibble in a series of all-black looks with a sophisticated edge, while John Spinks shoots the season’s best collections on the streets of Budapest, starring a mix of Hungarian models and locals. Stefano Pilati’s forward-thinking suiting for Ermenegildo Zegna Couture takes the spotlight, and Mel Bles showcases the new androgyny on Sven de Vries and other new faces. Take a look at an exclusive preview of the issue below.



Lucky Blue Smith by Robbie Fimmano (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Styling  Anders Solvsten Thomsen (Camilla Lowther Management)


Aaron Taylor-Johnson by Naj Jamai | Styling by Summer Bomi Kim


Sven de VriesBenas Drukteinis, Milo Wiik by Mel Bles (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management) | Styling Emil Rebek


Tim Dibble by Carlotta Manaigo | Styling Emil Rebek


Faces of Budapest by John Spinks | Styling Ali Toth and Aniko Virag



Robbi G by Yann Faucher | Styling Emil Rebek



Matt Doran by Alessandro Furchino (2DM ) | Styling Emil Rebek

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Youth Quake

April 14th, 2015 |Posted by jonathan

For their Spring/Summer 2015 issue, GQ Style China starts a youthquake, working off a theme of “My Generation,” spotlighting the new and the now and the next. The rising power of social media in fashion gets its due, with two Instagram sensations, the Chinese actor and singer Lu Han— who, with over three million followers, takes his place as the first non-model to grace the magazine’s cover—and platinum-haired Lucky Blue Smith, who leads us around his hometown of Los Angeles in a feature by Felix Cooper styled by Anders Solvsten Thomsen.

Los Angeles plays itself again as the backdrop for a series of portraits of some all-American fresh faces, a spotlight on youth that forms part of a travelogue that also captures the uniquely young spirits of London, Paris, and Beijing. Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer Kim Jones recounts his latest trip to Jaipur, India, the inspiration for his current collection, while Craig Green— this year’s only finalist for the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize to design exclusively menswear—talks about his quick rise to success. Take an exclusive first look at the issue, due out April 20 in celebration of Lu Han’s birthday, below.


GQstyle.Cover story
Lu Han by Yuan Gui Mei, styling by Dan Cui


GQS2015SS_Fashion Feature about India 2
Kim Jones feature on India

GQS2015SS_Get the look

GQstyle.Fashion well.Stranger 2
Lucky Blue Smith by Felix Cooper, styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen (Camilla Lowther Management)

GQstyle.Portraits 2
Styling by Dan Cui

GQstyle.Portraits 36
Fan Xin styling by Dan Cui

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Color Theory

February 27th, 2014 |Posted by jonathan

Anyone can tell you that the main story of Spring 2014 menswear is color, but it takes true conviction and vision to turn a trend into something truly original and inspired. The team behind L’Officiel Hommes Italia have done just that, pulling on the artist inspirations and bold palettes of the latest collections for a new issue that celebrates creativity and vibrancy in all its shades. The Belgian painter Rinus van de Velde, known for his swirling, expressive portraits and scenes, graces the cover, a surprising decision the magazine’s creative director Pablo Arroyo says was entirely appropriate. “Art is a perennial source of inspiration for the fashion world, especially so for spring-summer 2014,” he explains in his editor’s letter. “This is partly the reason L’Officiel Hommes Italia made the unorthodox choice of having an artist on the cover. Not a model/artist or an actor/artist, but an artist artist.” Pulling from the theme of “teoria del colore”—bringing to mind Goethe’s landmark treatise on the essence of color and its effects on human perception and emotions—the issue features the season’s brightest designs on today’s brightest new faces and seasoned veterans.

Tim Schuhmacher and Tommaso de Benedictis are captured by Laurence Ellis in a crayon box of vivid suits styled by Emil Rebek, while Stefan Heinrichs photographed Matthew Bell in a series of dark, rich sportswear selected by Davide Brambilla. Photographer Mark Pillai and stylist Nik Piras take a graphic approach to the latest hues, with sharp images of Matthew Holt shot through with pops of color. And, in a nod to a season in which designers found inspiration in modernist masters from Mondrian and Calder to Klein and Kapoor, Ben Allen plays the young artist at work and at play—for a story by Thomas Lohr with styling by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen—lost in thought in his studio, caught in a moment of quiet reflection, or simply surrounded by the blissful blue of a clear pool straight out of a Hockney painting.

Tommaso de Benedictis by Laurence Ellis (Visual Artist UK ), styling by Emil Rebek

Matthew Bell by Stefan Heinrichs, styling by Davide Brambilla

Ben Allen by Thomas Lohr (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ), styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen

Sebastien Andrieu by Johan Sandberg (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris), styling by Emil Rebek

Matthew Holt by Mark Pillai, styling by Nik Piras

Rinus van de Velde by Pablo Arroyo, styling by Jérôme André

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FIRST LOOK: Scandinavia SSAW

December 16th, 2013 |Posted by Janelle

Last week we previewed Scandinavia SSAW Magazine‘s stunning Frida Gustavsson editorial, shot in the mountains of Norway and filled with natural beauty – that story was gorgeous but it is far from the only treat inside the issue. With a series of elegant covers featuring Scandinavian top models alongside delicate drawings of flora, the magazine sets the tone for an issue focused on eye-catching images. Whether the content skews naturalistic – as it does in Hasse Nielsen‘s cheeky ‘Nadja On A Bender’ story, or epic ala Benjamin Vnuk‘s dramatic shots of Stef Van Der Laan, each story is high quality from start to finish.








Art Direction Jakob Hysén Hedberg | Photo Hasse Nielsen | Makeup Anya de Tobon for Chanel | Hair Mette Thorsgaard | ModelsNadja Bender, Juliane Grüner, Fia Ljungstrom, Linn Arvidsson, Emma Oak, Kirstin Liljegren & Hedvig Palm




Art Direction Jakob Hysén Hedberg | Photo Benjamin Vnuk | Styling Oscar Lange | Makeup Anya de Tobon for Chanel | Hair Erika Svedjevik
| Model Stef Van Der Laan




Art Direction Jakob Hysén Hedberg | Photo Hasse Nielsen | Styling Anders Solvsten Thomsen | Makeup Anya de Tobon for Chanel | Hair Cim Mahony | Model Nadja Bender




Art Direction Jakob Hysén Hedberg | Photo Boe Marion | Styling Oscar Lange | Makeup Anya de Tobon for Chanel Hair Kalle Eklund Model Frida Gustavsson




Photo Bjarne Jonasson  | Styling Oscar Lange | Hair Erika Svedjevik | Makeup Fredrik Stambro | Models Hirschy HirschfelderMiles McMillan

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First Look: L’Officiel Hommes Italia

September 20th, 2013 |Posted by models.com

L’Officiel Hommes Italia just recently came out this week, and has the always provocative Willem Dafoe on its autumn/winter cover, looking unquestionably dapper in Hermès. The theme of the biannual publication this season is oltre se stressi, or “beyond oneself”. Inside the magazine, the pages are filled with breathtaking men’s fashion featuring some of our favorites—Vincent LaCrocq, Eddie Klint, Jester White, and new face Pawel Binczak, to name a few. See the official preview of L’Officiel Hommes Italia below.

Text by Victoria Perillo



Willem Dafoe by Pablo Arroyo, styling by Jérôme André


Jester White by Stefan Heinrichs, styling by Emil Rebek


Pawel Binczak by Johan Sandberg, styling by Emil Rebek


Vincent LaCrocq by Thomas Lohr, styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen


Eddie Klint by Laurence Ellis, styling by Davide Brambilla

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First Look : BON

August 22nd, 2013 |Posted by Janelle

Bon Magazine returns for fall with a full slate of fashion showcased via sleek editorial content. Though the issue is focused on the subject of excess, things never veer off-course into unadulterated consumerism, instead we’re given a chic series of stories that provide just the right amount of decadence. The stunning Jacquetta Wheeler returns on dual covers in head to toe Balmain, but the extravagant fashion is balanced by natural setting and stripped down photography style. Inside beautiful new stories starring Kel MarkeyMyla DalbesioMagda Laguinge, Grace MaharyTatiana Cotliar and Maud Welzen run the gamut from avant garde explorations of the season’s minimal wares to striking black and white images shot on the streets of New York.

For even more BON check out their official website, BON.se. 

BON24_CoverInternational cover | Photographer: Tung Walsh | Model: Jacquetta Wheeler | Stylist: Marcus Soder

BONS65_coverSwedish cover | Photographer: Tung Walsh | Model: Jacquetta Wheeler | Stylist: Marcus Soder



BON_INT24_P106Pleasures Unknown | Photographer: Bharrat Sikka | Models: Myla Dalbesio and Erika Wall | Stylist: Marcus Soder



BON_INT24_P16162Chaos Theory | Photographer: Ward Ivan Rafik| Model: Grace Mahary | Stylist: Zara Zachrisson




Beuys and Girls | Photographer: Axel Lindahl|  Model: Maud Welzen | Stylist: Naomi Itkes






Seekers become finders | Photographer: Rachel Chandler | Model: Tatiana Cotliar | Stylist:Tamara Rothstein




No One Else I’d Rather Be | Photographer: Maurizio Bavutti| Model: Tommaso de Benedictis | Stylist: John Colver



BON_INT24_P200Balmain | Photographer: Tung Walsh | Model: Jacquetta Wheeler | Stylist: Marcus Soder



BON_INT24_P230 Stella McCartney | Photographer: Aitken Jolly| Model: Kel Markey | Stylist: Anders Solvsten Thomsen




Altewai Saome |  Photographer: Nagi Sakai (De Facto) | Model: Magda Laguinge | Stylist: Marcus Soder



Couture | Photographer: Alice Rosati | Models: Georgia Hilmer and Alex Armstrong | Stylist: Mauricio Nardi



Creature of the Wind | Photographer: Benjamin Vnuk | Model: Ji Hye Park | Stylist: Zara Zachrisson


BON_INT24_P068 copy

Meadham Kirchoff | Photographer: Greta Ilieva | Model: Madison Leyes | Stylist: Jack Borkett



Juun J | Photographer: CG Watkins | Model: Alex Bouchard | Stylist: Harry Lambert

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First Look: BON

September 5th, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

Nothing beats a good glossy and Bon Magazine‘s brand new issue is an energetic and eclectic combination of all the things that get us excited about magazines. Great editorials, amazing models and perspective that keeps things interesting. From Mackenzie Drazan on the cover in bold prints, to an appealing beauty story starring Kirsi Pyrhonen, Bon is stronger than ever. Experience the new issue with this first look at the editorials and be sure to pick up your copy – Bon hits newsstands today!

“Sound & Vision”
Photography: Mel Bles
Styling: Marcus Soder
Hair: Alex Brownsell
Make up: Ayami Nishimura
Model: Mackenzie Drazan

“Line crossed”
Photography: Matteo Montanari
Styling: Heidi Bivens
Model: Madison Headrick

“Extreme measures”
Photography: Aitken Jolly
Styling: Anders Solvsten Thomsen
Models:Ben Allen, Anders Hayward, Mayrenne Herry
Casting: Nic Burns / Star and Co

“Shop it like its hot”
Photography: Magnus Unnar
Styling: Naomi Itkes
Model: Alima Fofana

“Dial V for Victory”
Photography: Hasse Nielsen
Hair: Cim Mahony
Make up: Zenia Jaeger
Model: Kirsi Pyrhonen

“Don’t be afraid of the dark”
Photography: Brett Lloyd
Styling: John Mccarty
Models: Felix Feltham, Lukas Katinas, Oliver Beard, Alex Heerema and Gleb Zhukoff
Casting: Eddy Martin / File & Parade

“Show down”
Photography: Benny Horne
Styling: Zara Zachrisson
Model: Josephine Skriver

“What the poets said in rhyme”
Photography: Ben Weller
Styling: Julia Sarr-Jamois
Model: Irina Nikolaeva

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