Bare Essentials

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For Russh magazine’s summer issue “Just As You Are” beauty is stripped down it its bare essentials: “Everyone agrees real beauty is the point where you decide to go with what you’ve got,” opens Editor in Chief Jess Blanch. Who better to encapsulate the mag’s motif than Sam Rollinson who naturally gleams on the cover simply photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik. Nastya Sten works gold and purple glitter paint ever so slightly in the beauty story also shot by Rafik with makeup artfully applied in shapes by Stevie Huynh with slick wettish hair by Brian Buenaventura. A second beauty story (this is the beauty issue after all) by James Nelson and Makeup artist Victoria Baron takes a more modest approach with simple rouge accents on lovely Eilika Meckbach. Have a look at the exclusive preview below and see the entire issue on stands June 11th.

Images courtesy of Russh

Sam Rollinson by Ward Ivan Rafik (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY), Styling byVerity Parker (Jed Root), Hair by Mari Ohashi, Makeup by Niamh Quinn
Eilika Meckbach by Jamie Nelson, Styling by Billie Iveson, Hair by Alan White, Makeup by Victoria Baron

Claudia Wilkinson by James Nelson, Styling by Billie Iveson, Hair by Pete Lennon, Makeup by Claire Thomson
Jessica Stam by James Nelson, Styling by Billie Iveson, Hairy by Renya Xydis, Makeup by Victoria Baron
Nastya Sten by Ward Ivan Rafik (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY), Styling by Catherine Newell-Hanson (Home Agency), Hair by Brian Buenaventura (Management + Artists), Makeup by Stevie Huynh (New York: D + V Management, London: D + V Management ), Manicurist Eri Handa, Casted by Larissa Gunn
Waleska Gorczevski byWard Ivan Rafik (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY), Styling by Michelle Cameron (Los Angeles: FRANK REPS LA, New York: FRANK REPS NY), Hair by Brian Buenaventura (Management + Artists), Makeup by Asami Taguchi (New York: FRANK REPS NY, Los Angeles: FRANK REPS LA)

Free Bird

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The latest from W Magazine brings a boho vibe courtesy of the talents of photographer Roe Ethridge and stylist Giovanna Battaglia. Edita Vilkeviciute is every bit the chic hippie in the latest wares from Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Emilio Pucci. The beauty team drives the theme home with a brushed out curly coif perfected by Yannick D’Is and azure lids and peach-painted pout by Mathias van Hooff.

See some the images below and pick up your copy of W Magazine out on newsstands now.

Photographer – Roe Ethridge, Stylist – Giovanna Battaglia, Hair – Yannick D’Is (Management + Artists), Makeup – Mathias van Hooff (Management + Artists), Nails – Megumi Yamamoto, Set Design – Andy Harman (Lalaland Artists)






French Flair

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For Industrie Magazine’s “Power” issue French designer Isabel Marant dishes on her worry free demeanor and laid back aesthetics. Originally starting by designing clothes for her friends, Marant is a Parisienne fashion-fixture, and both herself and her brand embody and influence that effortlessly chic Paris charm. Of her line of thought Marant explains in the interview, “I didn’t pretend to ‘fantasize’ a certain woman; I wanted to create a walk, a charm, a nature – not a show off.” Conjuring that essence the editorial photographed by Lachlan Bailey has Julia Bergshoeff looking utterly cool styled in a swath of Isabel Marant selects from seasons past by Géraldine Saglio. A simple dewy skin and wettish hair provided by Sally Branka and hair stylist Christian Eberhard makes sure to hew to the fluent charm of Marant’s designs.

Julia Bergshoeff & Isabel Marant by Lachlan Bailey | Styled by Géraldine Saglio | Hair by Christian Eberhard | Makeup by Sally Branka | Manicurist Brenda Abrial





California Dreamin’

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Unpublished image courtesy of Stewart Shining

The Atomics, collectively Lucky Blue, Pyper America, Queen Starlie, and Daisy Clementine, are the Smith’s fabulously good-looking brother-sister band, and yes those are their real names. While many know Lucky Blue, who comes to the table with so much social media clout at only 17, the Atomics can’t be greater than the sum of its parts without each other, and together they’re bound to be a phenomenon. We speak to Stewart Shining who photographed the blue-gazed sensations for Vanity Fair Italy on working with the beautiful and talented family.

Photographer/Director Stewart Shining | Fashion Editor Selin Bursalioglu |Hair Davy Newkirk | Makeup Artist Matthew VanLeeuwen Video by MILK DGTL

The Atomics-Vanity Fair Italia from Stewart Shining

Did you know much about the group going into the shoot, specifically the social media mania that surrounds them?

When the shoot came in, it was just referred to as a “sunglasses story,” so I guessed I’d start the LA casting from NY. Then Vanity Fair Italia emailed and asked what I thought about doing it on a young band, The Atomics. I hadn’t heard of them, so did a quick Google, saw a few pics of them, and was like “YES!” The pics I saw were a little bit cheesy- a little too tweeny for me, but I thought, “Wow, I can really make great pics with them…” Oddly, I only went for visuals, and didn’t check their social media presence. I guess it was a busy week… :)

How was the family dynamics of the “Smiths” while shooting?

Let me put it this way. I was in the location van, on this random crazy weird (visually) street in Venice, and I hear someone say “Ummmm, I think they’re here…” I look up, and it was like a dream. These 4 kids, all just BEYOND great looking in the kind of way they moved- carefree and happy- and then as I got closer I was like “holy smokes, these are seriously good looking kids!” I popped out of the van and introduced myself. I don’t know what to say. There’s something very special about their bond, the way they’re a unit, a pack, and yet individually unique and one as sweet and cool as the other. I explained what we were doing for the day, and threw them into hair and makeup, and then just started shooting individuals and groups as they got ready. MILK Digital was there, to shoot moving image not as B-roll but as a companion piece. So the whole shoot was easy and a blast. It was like a photo fest. If I was shooting one and any of the others weren’t changing, they’d hop out and come watch or egg on their brother or sister. Totally cool, chill, fun day.

Thoughts on all the colorful names? Lucky Blue, Pyper America, Queen Starlie, and Daisy Clementine… must have been fun to direct them.

First thought – SHEER PANIC. I’m known for being the WORST with names- I mean when I’m shooting I give lots of direction and encouragement so the “the name” thing comes up a lot. Like I’ll say under my breath to my assistant “I am COMPLETELY blanking. WHO am I shooting?” (meaning their name) SO I took it head on this time. I fessed during our little group meeting, had each one of them look me in the eye and tell me their names, and how to remember them, then did a pop quiz with them and myself when they were in hair and makeup fittings. I have to say, it WORKED! I probably only messed up once or twice, and with FOUR unusual names, I thought that rocked.

So, Lucky Blue–what do you think is the source of his power?

Juice Bars??! They got a lot of those in LA… Ha! Kidding. I think that his sheer physical presence- the height, those piercing blue eyes and pale skin. And the fact that he’s not a model first and foremost, he has a different sense of himself which then translates thru the camera. Plus he’s fun, happy and polite. That goes for his sisters too.

Was it strange being around one family that’s so darn… good looking?

For me, it was stranger being around a family with such a strong similar visual thread running through them. I told them this before we started, because it’s an odd thing with me. My two siblings and I are all adopted from separated sets of biological parents, so no one ever looked like anyone else. So I get almost freaked out, when I see siblings that have that. Literally. I’m like “whoaaa! I feel like someone slipped me a mickey because everyone looks alike! Freaking me out!” One of my first published pictures, years ago, was of the Brewer Twins, wearing their clothes backwards a la Kriss Kross-styled by Joe McKenna for Interview. I’ve always had a fascination with that.

I got extra excited when I found out that Alexis Borges from Next is their agent. We go way back and I hadn’t seen him in awhile, so he came down to set to catch up. Kept it all real and in the family so to speak. No entourages, and their Mom came and picked em up after the shoot- how cool is that??!! And when I met her I saw why they’re all so good looking.

Have you had a listen? Thoughts?

I love that their music makes me think of California, like those surf rock albums crossed with a Tarantino movie. Movies and the Beach. I mean how Cali is that?

For the whole story go to the Stewart Shining website.

Rebel Waltz

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The boys are out for some midnight mischief and up to no good in Lacey’s cheeky short for Details Magazine. Entitled “Rebel”, the film’s casting by Edward Kim of irreverent antiheroes like Daisuke Ueda and Nicola Wincenc are featured as animated paper cutouts styled á la rude boy by Eugene Tong. Animator Pete List handled bringing to life all the handsome devilry like bar brawls and back alley skateboarding. See “Rebel” below:

Film by Lacey (Camilla Lowther Management), Cinematography by Christopher Webb, Animated by Pete List, Edited by Kate Owen, Styled by Eugene Tong, Groomed by Martyn, Christopher and Harper

Models: Marc LülohHamid OnifadeBenjamin JarvisNoma HanDaisuke Ueda, Chan Kim, Keisuke AsanoPaul-Alexandre HaubtmannDallas Alberti, Payden Hayes, Nicola WincencMatthew DavidsonThomas Gibbons

Industrie Darlings

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Power is the focus for the latest issue of Industrie Magazine. The bi-annual publication is dedicated to the hard working, creative and business veterans that run the fashion industry and gives a peek into their environments, whether they be conventional offices or atypical settings. For their eighth issue, cover star Edward Enninful poses along side friend and muse Naomi Campbell for photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and gives an exquisite retrospective on his 25-year long career of producing beautiful imagery for books like i-D Magazine, Vogue Italia, and W Magazine. The inside interview includes never-before-seen printed Polaroids from a time long before social media and quotes from colleagues and friends in the business.

Also inside the issue, top model favorite Anna Ewers is interviewed by her number one champion, Alexander Wang, where she talks about her burgeoning career and her first jobs as a teen studying abroad in Colombia. Shot by Erik Torstensson, the pouty, German beauty is visually stripped down for an introspective look at what makes her alluring to the masses. Take a look at our exclusive preview of the issue, available now on newsstands in the UK and June 29th in the US.

Photographers – Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (Art Partner), Stylist – Jack Borkett, Grooming – Caroline Sims using Bobbi Brown.



Photographer – Erik Torstensson, Stylist – Stevie Dance (Home Agency), Hair – Jimmy Paul, Makeup – Frank B (Print & Contact), Nails – Elissa Ferri




View From the Top

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Karolin Wolter is staging a comeback with her first cover since her return last year for Vogue Turkey. Shot by Miguel Reveriego we see the svelte, Germany beauty with the New York skyline behind her, powerfully posing in black, cut out pieces from Versace, Mugler, and Proenza Schouler. Back in the limelight after taking time to have a son, Karolin commands attention proving she hasn’t lost her spark.

Photographer – Miguel Reveriego (Camilla Lowther Management), Stylist – Konca Aykan, Hair – Thanos Samaras, Makeup – Maki Ryoke (Tim Howard Management), Nails – Geraldine Holford






New Model Army

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There’s a new guard that is set to takeover the industry. For the latest issue of Vogue Paris, Paolo Roversi sets his lens upon a wide range of beauties from our Newcomers and Hot List, like Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, Lineisy Montero, Ola Rudnicka, Rianne van Rompaey, Adrienne Jüliger, Frederikke Sofie, and Sophia Ahrens. The girls serve nothing but tough fierceness for the pages of the French title and with the pre-fall collections styled courtesy of editor Suzanne Koller they shut down any timid rookie status.

See some of the images below; for the full 18 page spread, pick up the issue, out on newsstands now.

Photographer – Paolo Roversi (Art + Commerce), Stylist – Suzanne Koller, Hair – Eugene Souleiman (Streeters London), Makeup – Peter Philips (Art + Commerce), Nails – Charlene Coquard (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY)









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