Naomi the One and Only

December 5th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (14)

If you’re in Miami, head down to Naomi Campbell‘s 20 year retrospective at Art Basel Miami Beach. As Vogue Italia put it so succintly, “There’s Only One Naomi“. (Show runs through Sunday December 7th).

While you’re there, check out Paul Rowland’s haunting exhibit, Transformations.

Naomi Campbell for the cover of Mixte December 2008. Pic via IMG blog.

Ph: Paul Rowland. Pic via Supreme Management blog.

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  1. N.S. says:

    Only the lord knows how much I love Naomi. She’s doing some of her best editorial work ever in my opinion. I could hardly be more thrilled. The Mixte cover dazzles

  2. DooDiva says:

    NAOMI CAMPBELL will always be O N E!

  3. ryder says:


  4. honglei says:

    i think naomi looks more pretty in the person

  5. caribbeanmale says:

    wow, 10 magazine for this years, 22 years in the business and still going strong. despite all the controversy naomi will forever be an icon and one o the original supermodels and one of top models of all time.
    when will her profile be update to include her covers this year for August, I.D magazine, July, Brazil Vogue and November, Spanish Glamour.

  6. that girl says:

    OMG Naomi!!!! The “Superest” of all the Supers

  7. caribbeanmale says:

    OMG, 10 magazine covers this year, 22 years and still going strong. despite all the controversy naomi is and always will be an icon and a true supermodel.
    when will here profile be updated to include her covers for august 2008 I.D , july 2008 brazil vogue and november 2008 spanish glamour ?

  8. paige says:

    shes overrated. I think her time is done..

  9. thiago says:

    Naomi rock´s! sexy bitch!

  10. Alex says:

    Naomi rocks.. she lives up to the titel supermodel.

  11. Logan says:

    That “Transformations” picture is hideous!

  12. David says:

    she’s totally overrated in my opinion. I do not see what’s so special about her. I don’t see what’s so unique about her face or looks. I see a lot of tv shows sucking up to her, saying like she’s the queen of models…umm…i don’t think so. She just looks so 90s. even a lot of the times when she dresses, she looks like she’s stuck in the 90s. If i had to choose a black model i like, i would pick Chanel Iman over freakin naomi without hesitation. Speaking of overrated, kate moss is also overrated. shes so ordinary uk looking. i know a lot of people will hate me now. lol. but yea, there, i spoke my mind.

  13. lily says:

    everyone has to love naomi and kate

    david must not know a lot about modeling and fashion

    but i do love him for speaking his mind

  14. Idan says:

    i can agree what david just said. 😉

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