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December 3rd, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (8)

For a rare look at Women founder/Supreme head and industry legend Paul Rowland, go to JD’s website.

Already starting… Dior Homme show in January has exclusively booked 2 Brazilians: Made in Brazil

The very fabulous people at Starworks needs interns! Starworks

MDC favorite, Ash Stymest is in town, being kinda adorable with his girlfriend Eliza Pressly… Production calls them the new Sid and Nancy.

Here’s a pic from Jak and Jil of Carine Roitfeld who is very much in the news most recently.

Jeremy Kost shoots cute boys in underwear: Made in Brazil

Cole Mohr/Luke Worrall/Marc Jacobs… the new way to sell purses? Production

A fascinating in depth analysis of the Anna Wintour/Carine Roitfeld speculations (read the comments too!): Jezebel

To see Lana, 20 years old and 5’10”, on video: click here

Lana, found by Charly. To contact:

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  1. says:

    I really like Lana! She looks like a Brazilian girl of German origin. But I assume she’s European?

  2. mandarine says:

    totally agree with you, brazilian with german origin, my thoughts exactly. where is she from? great find Charly!

  3. carolina says:

    She is really beautiful

  4. GeorgiaMachell says:

    She has breathtaking eyes!

  5. ferguson says:

    hmmm… does anyone really care about post-slimane dior homme?

    as for american vogue, well it needs all the help it can get. old and dull (like anna wintour) are the words that first comes to mind.

  6. Anya says:

    heh, she is Russian, from Israel as i remember..he real name is Svetlana, was with Success in Paris and Women in Milan =)

  7. CHARLES says:

    She s great and she was born in latvia !!

  8. charles says:

    she s from latvia and she s great !!

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