A Trio of Muses

November 30th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (12)

Muse Magazine finishes 2008 with an all out bang! Along with editorial mainstay, Siri Tollerod, on the main cover, the magnificent Sessilee Lopez appears in a simple but bewitching shot by Alex Cayley and the never out of fashion Milla Jovovich poses divinely for David Mushegain. With 3 December cover beauties… Christmas is indeed early for Muse fans around the world.

Sessilee by Alex Cayley

Sessilee by Alex Cayley

Milla by David Mushegain

Milla by David Mushegain. All pics courtesy of Muse

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  1. RandomGuy says:

    Oooh Sessilee, that second picture is giving me life. She never dissapoints.

  2. ryder says:

    when sessilee appears in magazine, everything stops. everything she does is simply glorius.

  3. site says:

    She’s beautiful no question, but too posy!!

  4. Chica Chatter says:

    Sessilee sultry cover is phenomenal. Love the eyes and the contrast against the wood by the photog is appeasing. So natural.

  5. i love Sessilee says:

    i love Sessilee
    she the best

  6. sissi says:

    love love love sessilee cover! I need this issue with her editorial!!

  7. trumancapote says:

    orrible pix..lopez look like a drag..once again..n poor milla like a housekeeper who coudenthave her hair done

  8. jonny says:

    i love Milla,
    she is in vogue paris and Muse !!!!!

  9. jason KANNER says:


  10. DooDiva says:

    She bewitches the cover! It’s qutie simple yet gothic feel to the pictures.

    Oh, Milia definitely isn’t out of the fashion. She looks good!

    Oh, speak of drag queen…Don’t worry, Sessilee loves drag queens because she makes them look “DRAG” hottest thing in the trend right this second. 😉

    Go, girl! Rock on, do your thing!

  11. CoolCid says:

    Sessilee’s editorial (the entire layout that is not shown here) looks very regal and reminds me of a beautiful Egyptian queen. Perhaps it is the makeup and the hair, that she wears well by the way, just like a queen. She has that regal quality that comes through in photos.

    Short hair or long hair, she never dissapoints and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow night walking for the VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!! Congrats, Sessilee!

  12. trecey kwun says:

    love sessilee, period

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