Eternal Flame

April 30th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (27)

Renowned makeup artist Francois Nars steps into the photographer’s chair for Vogue Nippon. Nars transforms Tao Okamoto into a flame haired vixen, complete with a body conscious wardrobe of swimwear provided by Patti Wilson; Tao looks incredible and shows just how much of a chameleon she can be.





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  1. Chungkit says:

    Tao is so fierce! Black, blonde, red, crop, long she can rock ANY hair color and style!

  2. page says:

    all i can say is YES!!!!!!! she is one of my favorites!

  3. Mike says:

    As always, Tao looks incredible!! I would have expected nothing less. You can’t help but love a girl who manages to make a swim bonnet look sexy.

  4. Turbomomo says:

    Tao is just incredible!
    I love how she can pull off so many looks from clothes to hair to make-up, etc.

  5. Podest says:

    In the second pic is she wearing Rosa Chá by Alexandre Herchcovitch?

  6. DooDiva says:

    Best work in the editorial she has done ever in her career!! Keep it up,good work! Love Love Love!!

  7. Nádia says:

    Tao is amazing! I didn’t knew she could pull off this sexy vixen look! She’s rockin’ it!

  8. AX80 says:

    Proving once again that Tao can rock any hairstyle..!

  9. Marcus says:

    That’s a good editorial!

  10. peterModelObsessed says:

    Tao is the Asian Raquel Zimmerman, enuff said. She surprise me everytime!

  11. AJP says:


  12. prabal says:

    Impressive, seems to be glowingly beautiful!

  13. glunge says:

    having followed tao’s career since the elite days i’m not surprised by her versatility as she had long hair then. and her book wasn’t as pared down as supreme had kept it with the bowl cut.

    these pics – prop styling, poses, man w/ camera, etc. are lifted off 70’s pics with antonio lopez and jerry hall. those had real energy. this set is plastic in a bad way.

  14. GP says:

    She is like a white paper and you can draw anything on it and look fabulous!!!

  15. W says:

    Awesome editorial, tao is just superb
    but other that, the photoshopping is ridiculous espeically in the second photo… what is with the legs?

  16. All about Models says:

    Beautiful, no doubt. I like it a lot.

  17. Antonio Barros says:
  18. Lala says:


  19. Lala says:


  20. Bertrand says:

    FANTASTIC ! At first I thought it was an Italian Vogue supplement lol

  21. AJP says:

    I want to see more of this side of Tao!

  22. LD says:

    @Glunge; Wow, you really know your stuff. I search Antonio Lopez and Jerry Hall images and up pops the inspiration from this shoot. After seeing the original images I have to agree with your comment, it does lack the energy. However, I still LOVE this look for Toa. Given the hair, makeup and lighting I think the photographer was going for a more plastic look, and I think he shooting for a different type of energy.

  23. julia says:

    Glunge I’m equally impressed, had to google Lopez and Jerry Hall images and have to admit I prefer Lopez’s. I like Tao, but there’s something in this shoot that doesn’t work…

  24. cyril jordan says:

    tao is great model and there is no doubt about it. but i can’t really figure it out why does a japanese girl would have this kind of hair color. im not being racist ok? i bet there is an alternative asian model that can complement this kind of hair color. this would look better on south east asian girl with a wide eye and a tan skin.

  25. Felicia Avila Kastell says:

    Love the Red hair.

  26. Felicia Avila Kastell says:

    love the red hair!

  27. Lola says:

    Hmm, could look better

    “these pics – prop styling, poses, man w/ camera, etc. are lifted off 70’s pics with antonio lopez and jerry hall. those had real energy. this set is plastic in a bad way.”

    Ahhh…. I knew something was “missing” !

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