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November 24th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (9)

L’Officiel Homme‘s Winter issue has Major on the brain. Starring Tyler Kenyon and Travis Hanson in “A Perfect Body” story and introducing Brian Shimansky in his debut; this issue looks to be a must have if you want your male models chiseled and perfect (and who doesn’t in this economy).


Travis, for rest of “A Perfect Body” editorial see here.

Brian, for rest of editorial, see here.. All with Major Model Management. All photos Milan Vukmirovic for L’Officiel Hommes Winter 08

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  1. jenny says:

    he is sexy and what a body!!

  2. raie says:

    wat a delicious eye candy for the day 😉

    i miss seeing these great greek god like sexy boys body models lol

  3. ferguson says:

    not sold yet. abercrombie types are nice to look at but ultimately forgettable.

  4. me says:

    ‘ultimately forgettable.’

    speak for yourself. i’m thinking chad white etc.. are in hysterics at your comment.

  5. Ambigous says:

    kinda dumb looking. I want intelligent, weathered, and rustic, raw handsomeness like David Gandy.

  6. trecey kwun says:

    the second picture looks awkward

  7. cockydrew says:

    Good Job Jason K,
    I think all of your boys are hot!!!

  8. Guillermo Enrique Flores says:

    The picture is very professional the Model is gorgeous. Nothing but a perfect picture.

    !Good Luck!

  9. vennett says:

    he’s attractive

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