Iris In Bloom

November 24th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (7)

Iris Strubegger, continues to raise the modeling bar. The Austrian beauty embodies David Sims‘ vision for Vogue Paris in a coolly elegant editorial. With her impossibly high cheekbones and austere gaze Iris is the perfect foil for Sims’ finely crafted futurism.

Want more Iris? See the editorial in full at Supreme Being.

Iris Strubegger (Supreme Management) by David Sims for Vogue Paris

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  1. ryder says:

    what can i say? yannis from place models has incredible eye for great faces that she is.

  2. trumancapote says:


  3. SiLViO says:


  4. DooDiva says:

    Wow, that high cheekbone!

  5. gabrielle says:

    her cheek bones are very defined but a little frightening. they almost make her look to skinny. but all the rest is perfect

  6. gabrielle says:


  7. lee says:

    Iris looks amazing!!!!!!! Love David Sims too!

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