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April 27th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (16)

Roger Deckker creates images of 70s inspired beauty for Self Service; Filippa Hamilton, Ana Claudia Michels and Rie Rasmussen (all cast by Natalie Joos) star in Dekker’s elegant black and whites, styled by the always inventive Marie Chaix. Each girl represents a different kind of beauty and the larger than life glamour of the  images lets their best shine through.





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  1. Gustavo says:

    Although Ana Claudia looked completely deformed the images are very appealing. this more mature beauty is just what it is, simply amazing and more real! very nice to look at!

  2. Fire says:

    Love Ana Claudia, good to see her again!

  3. W says:

    the first photo reminds me of Toni G’s numero cover (nov 2009)
    not such a fan of this editorial

  4. Chungkit says:

    LOVE the glamour! Love Self Service. Love Rie!

  5. All about Models says:

    It’s elegant. And quite nice.

  6. allaboutnewfaces says:
  7. Podest says:

    Ana Claudia is amazing!

  8. Antonio Barros says:
  9. nicki says:

    I don’t care for the Ana Claudia picture
    is it a wig?

  10. Betsy's Beauty Blog says:

    Love that Self Service is promoting individual beauty and celebrating those differences by promoting women who may not be what typical mainsteam considers beautiful. Its all about your sense of self! Good Post! 🙂

  11. damnthatlion says:

    Ana Claudia? I thought it was Monica Bellucci!

  12. wendy-kristy says:
  13. GP says:

    They really look like old photos from old magazine. I love Ana Claudio. Where has she been?

  14. Vane F says:

    Really cool!! Beauty is back baby!

  15. kimberly J says:

    this is boring!

  16. Fernando Dias says:

    Ana Claudia is top top model…Diva brasilian.
    Victoria Secret fashion show now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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