Fairy Tale

April 14th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (20)

Nicola Formichettis outlandish styling drives Benjamin Alexander Huseby‘s dreamy story for VMan. The fantastical tale features powerhouses Mathias Lauridsen and Rie Rasmussen wearing unusual headdresses and some of fall’s most daring runway looks. Both Rie and Mathias are posing pros and their animated expressions make the story even more enjoyable.






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  1. Chungkit says:

    Nice story. More of Rie everywhere, please!


  2. Marcus says:

    I love it! It is very dreamy!


  3. Anthony F. says:

    My friend,Mathias is really the best.
    He is “UNIQUE”…
    Magnific work again & as always!

  4. frenchie says:

    MATHIAS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ANYTHING THAT HAS HIS FACE IN IT..love the lighting..while never fails to amaze me

  5. gise says:

    as tom ford puts it, rie is a completely different person than she was during her days w gucci. she has transformed physically and emotionally. probably for the best though.

  6. dodz says:

    IT’S very cute the outfit hmm maybe in the 1st pics you are angel with the devil form?

  7. Munichmarty says:

    LOVE Mathias as the big , bad wolf and all of his pics!

  8. marvoi says:


  9. allaboutnewfaces says:

    I like the lightening,and idea with candles is fantastic.


  10. W says:

    love this editorial
    the styling is so interesting!
    I ADORE THOSE CROWNS, they are just beautiful!


  11. All about Models says:
  12. ZJ Castro says:

    Amazing shots!!!

  13. Antonio Barros says:
  14. Nádia says:

    Mathias looks like the cutest little boy, lost in an attic of memories… <3


  15. Ivona says:

    Oh,that Mathis….So magnificent..True art!

  16. M.L. says:

    first pic is amazing. love it

  17. arina says:

    You are best model! Love!!!

  18. Marilyn says:

    like this

  19. Roly Poly says:

    Mathias in Wonderland? haha……

    Mathias ia perfect as always.^^

  20. zsn says:

    mathias lauridsen—在中国他被称为仙人,意思是仙人下凡。美丽脱俗。是上帝的杰作,给人带来的喜悦是无可比喻的。

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