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April 12th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (34)

Ben Toms takes models back to the days of hippies, with a 60s inspired story for Dazed and Confused. Amanda Norgaard, Douglas Neitzke and Kirill Vasilev lead a pack of beauties as they explore the a classic English garden, while wearing vintage style chapeaus and furs. The authentic look of the photos owes much to stylist Robbie Spencer‘s smart choices – who would have thought that Margiela could look so antique?






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  1. frenchie says:

    love this..and the photography is ugh..amazing

    simple but i like it

  2. Chungkit says:

    Beautiful and Nostalgic story. Amanda Norgaard looks gorgeous.

  3. All about Models says:

    This editorial rocks. Also Amanda … She’s one of the best new faces so far. She works her edgy features well out

  4. Michael says:

    Ben Toms is insane. Absolutely incredible photographer right there…<3

    The story is so soft and sensual without ever looking tacky.

  5. trumancapote says:


  6. Homotography says:

    Fantastic stuff

  7. Hannah Clink says:

    Love this! Great casting, Amanda looks sublime.

  8. The Editor says:

    Love the idea but feel it could have been taken mch further and I don’t feel it captures that period well. Also it’s 69 so you should have said seventies seventies.

  9. JJ says:

    cool stuff. Dazed rocks

  10. Marcus says:
  11. prabal says:

    Impressive, yes, there is a definite 60s feel here.

  12. Calvin says:

    I didn’t really get anything at all whatsoever from this spread.

  13. deb says:

    The last picture with the naked guy behind the dressed girl is so unoriginal…

  14. allaboutnewfaces says:

    I don’t really like it.

  15. wendy-kristy says:

    Beautiful and lovely

  16. Adam says:

    Woahhh that girl look soooooo tiny, she cant be more than 1.70!! The styling is wonderful but i feel they couldve done something unique and so much bettet than this, its kinda dull and seen before

  17. The Fat Lady says:

    nothing special.

  18. sophie says:

    Gorgeous, the styling is incredible. Having the sensitivity of knowing when to leave clothes off is a rare trait, when these days everyone is trying to out-style each other.

    And it’s obviously not meant to be the most original story, it’s evoking the past and really captures the essence and spirit of the bohemian 70s.

  19. Niamh says:


  20. Martha says:


    <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3

  21. MaddieMaddy says:

    CUUTTE. Lovely story. Is there more? Please tell me there’s more!

  22. Anna says:


  23. Yulun says:

    Amanda and Neitzke look soooo beautiful! :3

  24. JW says:

    Amanda is stunning!

  25. janice says:

    this is truly great!

  26. Xavier says:

    Amanda has a wide range of beauty that is wonderfully captured in each of her images.

  27. Marilyn says:

    wow this is so amazing
    good job

  28. Jane says:

    the texture of the skirt looks beautiful in the 2nd to last shot on Amanda. Love the whole story. but yeah she does look a little thin, hope she’s taking care of herself. Love that girl.

  29. ashley says:

    Great story. last image makes me DIE!!!

  30. sarah longport says:

    great casting and mood.

  31. Stevemme says:

    Love this style and the B&W

  32. oscar says:

    This is cool for sure.

  33. MAX says:

    Nice pics. Cool story guys

  34. amanda.zz says:

    haha !!
    kirill is cute!!

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