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April 9th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (54)

Seeing the model on the cover of a major American publication is a rare treat: celebrities have all but replaced models as the go to cover stars, but every so often a girl comes along who captivates the general public just as much as the high fashion crowd and Karlie Kloss is exactly that kind of girl. Teen Vogue bills Miss Kloss as “the real life teenage fashion star” but more than that Karlie is the crossover star of her era – her fresh face, girl next door demeanor and vibrancy, are making her a household name.





Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier for Teen Vogue


  1. Anton says:

    Supersweeet Supermodel

  2. greg says:

    oh dear!!!!!!!!

  3. AaronT says:

    Good things happen when you are professional and kind! Other models should learn this!!!

  4. 90'S SUPERMODELS says:

    yeaaa!!!! great job, karlie kloss is really having a definite teen top model career but i hope she gets serious curves bcoz if that happens she can seriously become a supermodel,
    her and abby lee are lyk head to head in being the “it girls” but i think karlie is starting to win

  5. jeremydante says:

    love that she wore alexander wang.
    – hate the cover, it looks low budget.

  6. Isabel says:

    Way to go Karlie!!!!
    This girl is unstoppable!, you need to put Karlie at #1!
    Wow… she’s not only beautiful and hard-working, but I don’t think she’s ever said or done anything to make people not like her!!!
    I hope to see her by herself on the cover of American Vogue!

  7. peterModelObsessed says:

    As I have said in the beginning, that Karlie is the future #1 Supermodel. Just like Cindy and Gisele who reined at the Top for a decade, before her.

    There seemed to be a pattern and a characteristics trait required and Karlie’ s character, personality, bearing and background fits the bill.

  8. BadaBing! says:

    KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLIE! I know it was a matter of time before Teen Vogue put her on the cover. Karlie is just purely wonderful.

  9. Backless says:

    New real American Supermodel

  10. i says:

    it’s great that they finally’ve gotten those actors out of the way (i wonder how long it’ll last)

  11. Nigel S. says:

    Karlie pretty much equals amazing.
    You can certainly count my ballot in favor of Klub Kloss!
    She is so wholesome and positive thus a great role model/model for young girls.
    This edit truly captures her spirit.. a perfect balance of lady-like qualities, sass and tomboy flare.
    She’s like that girl back in high school who brightens the day.

  12. Meggasus says:

    WOW! I love seeing high fashion models on the cover of major magazines- where they obviously belong!!!

  13. Oshcar says:

    She has the model of a supermodel but not the face. Sorry, but not a fan.

  14. beachboyy101 says:

    Love her, Very good runway walk. 😉

  15. Nick says:

    Everyone keeps on harping about models not being on covers yada yada, but the truth is there hasnt been anyone who has come along since Giselle who has captivated the public. This is the main reason Campbell, Moss,Turlington, and the rest are still in demand, Karlie is cute but she’s a little girl men don’t desire her and surely women who can afford YSL dont envy her…

  16. michelly says:

    wow Im not even a karlie fan, but there is something special about her I can see in these photos! especially the 4th one.

  17. donna says:


  18. betty says:

    I have to agree with you. I’ve met many, many models in my 2 decades and there are a lot of wonderful ones but she is special indeed. She is totally the girl who “brightens the day” when you see her. So real, so genuine, so calm, no attitude. I would say, Karlie…don’t change.. but I don’t think her wonderful family would let her.


  19. 90'S SUPERMODELS says:

    So true Nick as beautiful as Karlie is she cant be a supermodel, which is why i said until she gets some serious curves she jus wont capture an audience from males or female. Supermodels need to be gorgeous as well as sexy and well karlie is jus well pretty. Not enough to be a supermodel

  20. GP says:

    finally she is on cover Teen Vogue. I thought she would be on US Vogue but hopefully soon. I do like her more and more but she always look the same. Can someone changes her look?

    Not a big fan of Teen Vogue because I am old…lol

  21. Arimbi says:

    Well, weren’t Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn the last girls on Teen Vogue Cover?

  22. sIut says:

    I think Jac Jagaciak can definitely give Karlie a run for her money. I have to agree with the earlier comment, she can model, but her look isn’t entirely remarkable. But still good. 🙂

  23. W says:

    Every photo works except the cover.

  24. trev-o says:

    although MDC is hyping this as if Chanel and Jourdan werent on it last year, I must say Karlie looks amazing. She completely fits the All-American vibe and i love the shot with the Alexander Wang dress

  25. Ris says:

    She is so gorgeoussssssssssss

  26. All about Models says:

    Karlie’s new cover + editorial is so cute. She’s great

  27. Chungkit says:
  28. luanderson says:

    Karlie is beatifullllllllll

  29. Rachel says:

    i absolutely adore karlie kloss. always pleased to see her =)

  30. Taylor says:

    Great teen model, but… she’ll probably be a supermodel as defined by $$$ but really there are so many others I don’t understand why she is getting ALL of the attention. Great catwalker and she knows how to perform in front of the camera (probably why she is so popular, but not really a fan of her look

  31. Calvin says:

    She really is working it in this spread! The shot where she’s got the football players behind her is so awesome. It’s like the perfect “I’m the popular girl that keeps the boys at bay” picture. Bravo to Karlie and Patrick!

  32. peterModelObsessed says:

    Karlie is full of life and look alive and energetic. Her contemporaries like Jac and Constance are great model too but they always look dry and not so alive.

    Look at her, you just feel happy seeing her so alive.

    Regarding her face. The above comments were exactly the same when Gisele was just starting out.

  33. 90'S SUPERMODELS says:

    u guys dont get it Karlie is cute and all but in order to be a “future gisele” she one needs the support of VOGUE magazine to put her on the covers and two, she needs some serious curves. Supermodels are pretty to women and Sexy to men
    even models today that hav it all lyk Hilary Rhoda, Rosie Whitly Hunnington, or Doutzen Kreos, Isabeli Fontana etc.

  34. Lucy says:

    I actually like it! I still remember her first Teen Vogue editorial…I was amazed by her beauty and height!

  35. jack says:

    i just can’t get over her lips!!!! there sooo weird! there really thin at the top and stick out loads. Abbey Lee is sooooooo better.

  36. Ed says:

    I really think the 2nd photo should be the cover! But overall it’s a great spread.

  37. allaboutnewfaces says:
  38. Amber says:

    Fresh American Beauty.

  39. Jimmy says:

    Karlie is on her way to the top. maybe when she’s like 25, she’ll read Gisele status

  40. WonA says:

    I love Karlie Kloss!!!!!!
    She is so pretty and cute.
    I want to be like her.
    God bless you!!:)

  41. Gerard says:

    VOGUE loves this girl. It’s like every single month, you’re damn sure she’ll show up in at least one spread in VOGUE. If they don’t have her for May, I’d be really, REALLY shocked. And didn’t she already have a TEEN VOGUE cover before with Iman and another girl? Or I’m mixing her up with somebody else? Anyway, I hope she’ll land VOGUE’s cover soon

  42. jake says:

    i think iman, karlie and ali stephens were on the cover awhile back. not sure if i got ali right though.


    Yeah she did had a cover with Chanel Iman and Ali Michael for the February 2008 cover but calling her a “Supermodel” heuuuu OK Let’s just take a moment here ! Now every “model” who do a campaign and an editorial is called a “supermodel” WTF???! Those girls aren’t at the level of Evangelista, Moss, Banks, or Turlington ! The “new supermodels” are the 2cd generation that appeared on the cover of American Vogue with Lily, Chanel, Raquel etc. but Karlie isn’t a supermodel YET y’all ! And the fact she appeared in many editorials of Vogue doesn’t make her a true supermodel : did she has a cosmetic contract? A perfume ad? She’s doing lots of runways and editorials ok?!

    Now this cover looks cheap, low budget and the 3 images look really bad (the styling uhhhh WTF?!) can’t believe people “LOVE” the cover.

  44. jake says:

    most people have said they would have preferred a different shot for the cover. and yes, karlie has the lola fragrance by marc jacobs ad campaign. she may not be a supermodel yet, but she is definitely on her way..

  45. LauraMArs says:

    Karlie Rockssssssssssssss

  46. Amarilla says:

    I was never a fan of Karlie’s face but you have to give respect where its due and this girl knows how to model. I have always enjoyed her editorials.

  47. peterModelObsessed says:

    Get over it folks, Karlie is it! The future no.1 Supermodel

  48. Gustavo says:

    i´d say i cross my fingers for her

  49. Tom says:

    “a girl comes along who captivates the general public just as much as the high fashion crowd”

    Captivating everyone, far from. Intriguing the single handed most powerful Fashion Editor, Anna Wintour, sounds more appropriate. Anna saw the publics want for Supermodels again & American ones at that. Anna likes skinny girls in her pages, this is a reflection of her own image, how she keeps physically fit. She also likes girls to keep humble and not think they are models and deserve the high life – start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up (Anna being up top can help pull you up if you fit her criteria). Karlie is American, keeps fit and assumably well disciplined via her ballet training. Did any other model seem to fit the mold Anna visualizes for the “next big model?”
    Anna captivates photographers via their wallets to shoot her edits. Anna also chooses the models, so, Karlie having lengthy legs, humble nature & walking immaculate shows her first season – even THAT may have been helped out by Anna, she was afterall listed as a Top 10 newcomer on her first season on the runways – was her choice of American Model to take flight.

  50. carola says:

    A very versatile girl, so young and yet she poses like a Shalom Harlow or Angela Lindvall, she’s a phenomenom. Dior ads? Teen Vogue? American Vogue? Wish Irving Penn or Helmut Newton were alive to photograph her.

  51. Gaston de Foix says:

    …this is a tricky one, as I’m aware of the wave of admiration and support this otherwise lovely girl generates…I personally think she is only OK, nothing really THAT special, and have my concerns, despite her sweetness, cuteness et al, whether she really is top model material ( but then again, somebody like Kate Moss reached that status so…everything is possible… ).
    A Top Model, with capital letters, to me, has to have the body and the face first ( “stunning”, “beautiful” are adjectives normally not attached to Miss Kloss ), the poise, the manner, the attitude, the personality. And has to be Profesional. And be capable to be beyond trends and seasons.

    Just then, you’ll become, you’ll be one.

  52. anen says:

    Jac Jagaciak mark my words

  53. peterModelObsessed says:

    Jac is beautiful but she’s not as strong as Karlie.

  54. TCC says:

    I love seeing high fashion models on the cover of major magazines!

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