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April 8th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (34)

Vogue UK provides readers with the perfect combination for summer:  Constance Jablonski, surf, sand and sheer fabrics. Regan Cameron shoots Constance looking resplendent on sandy beaches as she poses in some of the season’s sexiest designs: the clothes look beautiful, Constance is radiant and the beach looks like the perfect escape from the concrete jungle.







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  1. trev-o says:

    reminds me of the Numero ed with Edita shot by Camilla Akrans..this is gorgeous but Edita’s was better


  2. Marcus says:

    Constance Jablonski looks stunning here. Love photo #4 a lot!


  3. Chungkit says:
  4. Model Whispers says:

    Well, in the beginning I really didn’t like Constance. But with time I realized how good of a model she is. The body language, the variations in facial expressions, beauty – it’s all there. I am really happy she is doing so well, she totally deserves it.

  5. Gustavo says:

    the girl is the right one, but the rest…. no no no….

  6. W says:

    love the warmness
    everything matches together in this editorial
    love the 5th photo.


  7. W says:

    everything just matches in this editorial
    Constance is working it!
    love the 5th photo


  8. 90'S SUPERMODELS says:

    SHE LOOKS HOT!!! EDITORIALS SHOULD LYK THIS WAY MORE OFTEN women this attracts ppl more than those weird ugly photos in ITALIAN vogue

  9. person says:

    I usually don’t like Constance, but this is absolutely beautiful

  10. Mango says:

    Constance is wonderful and talented.

  11. allaboutnewfaces says:

    I love it,so sunny 🙂


  12. All about Models says:

    It’s the editorial, that I today bought in Vogue. Amazing

  13. See Like Me says:

    Finally, some good compositions in an editorial. I had to double take; at first I thought this was Daria.

  14. FOTOGRAFY says:

    she always reminds me of julia stegner

  15. Nádia says:

    And neutral fever continues! Lovely ed! It’s light and summery!


  16. AJP says:

    So beautiful!

  17. Anne Diouf says:

    I love Constance. Elle est tres jolie. Je l’adore trop! 🙂

  18. donna says:

    Whats up with the gwenyth paltrow cover!!! I have never seen anything so annoyingly boring

  19. KS says:

    this is Bliss

  20. Ptr says:

    Please betty, change her pic in the top 50,many other pics that were way better than her photo with the horse, like this one!

  21. Mike says:

    This is lovely! The styling makes for such a tranquil alternative to the typical “beach shoot”. Constance too adds a wonderfully peaceful and refined essence of “sexy”. It’s beautiful!

  22. marvoi says:


  23. maria says:

    she is so amazing.I wish I looked like her 🙂

  24. FiGARO says:

    that’s all folks !!

  25. Catharina P says:

    The second picture is just gorgeous!!!

  26. Robert says:


  27. JW says:

    Now this is nice! Constance gets better and better with time!

  28. gav says:

    she’s beautiful girl who produces great pictures.

  29. Josh says:

    Sometimes I like Constance, sometimes I don’t. I really like her in this editorial.

  30. Cos says:

    i like her legs =)

  31. The Fat Lady says:

    I wish you were here!
    Right next to me…in Bermuda.

  32. gav says:

    will you be updating this editorial on her profile page.

  33. Lala says:

    Ugh. what a nice setting!

  34. mark says:

    wa oh

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