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November 6th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (14)

Kendra Spears was one of the clear standouts of S/S 09. With a strong showing on the catwalks of Milan and Paris Spears made her presence felt. The lanky beauty now graces the November issue of Cover, showing off the natural charm and beauty mark that have garnered her comparisons to that most quintessentially American of supermodels, Cindy Crawford.





Ph: Rick Shaine for Cover Magazine November 08. Images courtesy of Ford.

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  1. Alexa says:

    I think that is my fave Miss Spears:P:):P

  2. chris says:

    in the first pic..she kind of gives me Hillary Rhoda just with thinner eyebraws. she is beautiful

  3. Erik says:

    She’s one of the girls that perfectly embody the new movement in modeling. Beautiful women. Love Kendra!

  4. raie says:

    for some reason i really like this girl 😀 alot!!! she just has that spark thats so different love it :DD

  5. RandomGuy says:

    I don’t really get her appeal. OH well

  6. brucegisele says:

    The cover photo looks Flavia with the famous mole. then the last picture she looks like Hilary Rhoda with a mole.the first is the best shot but little like Amanda Peet without the perfect teeth… But I’m waiting on more with her hopefully Ralph doesn’t snatch her up or allow her to do other campaigns.

  7. ryder says:

    agree with raie.


  8. Elvire says:

    Kendra’s got the extremely sensual touch …

  9. Lohnna says:

    Definitely NOT Cindy Crawford, but she is a pretty girl. Not my favorite at all, though.

  10. Taylor James says:

    She has the same sort of aesthetic as Karlie Kloss to me, both interesting and beautiful and aproachable.

  11. shaun engler says:

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    Great looking style and wil go a long way in the model world.

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  12. bisenga says:

    miss spears she have a good style continuera

  13. marcusthoms says:

    oohhh man, I love this girl. I noticed her first at Mizrahi in NY. Her look is so versatile. Love her.

  14. Miss_Valentine says:

    Kendra is so nice. I met her in the FORD model apartment and she’s always bubbly and in a good mood. You could be having the worse day ever and Kendra’s right there to brighten your day =)

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