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Mariacarla Boscono does double duty in the latest issue of i-D, with two editorials that show off her incredible versatility. First, Willy Vanderperre casts Mariacarla as a sensual Snow White in his moody, atmospheric images, then Paola Kudacki takes her tribal with an energetic editorial. No matter the scenario, Mariacarla manages to shine – the way she transforms in these stories is exceptional. Credit of course has to be given to the stylists – the fit for a fairytale florals chosen by Olivier Rizzo and the out of this world pieces selected by Havana Laffitte, make these stories pop.





Mariacarla by Willy Vanderperre, styled by Olivier Rizzo





Mariacarla by Paola Kudacki, styled by Havana Laffitte

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  1. RUBRIA says:

    The queen is totally back!!!!!
    And thanks God she is back with Women,too!!!!
    Compliments Mariacarla,you’re major!!

  2. Nik says:

    I agree. Mariacarla is on the verge of ICON, if not already surpassing. She just keeps getting better. I am glad to see her back at Women too, but I think the switch to Supreme had something to do with a person with the initials PR. (Fill me in model watchers if I am wrong.) Speaking of Supreme, what exactly happened with the recent flip-flop of models with them and Ford? (It’s weird. When I think Ford Models, I think Chanel Iman.) Agent move maybe?

  3. glunge says:

    i love the platform tevas in the last shot. and the white leg makeup seen through the hosiery in the first story.

  4. Jim says:

    @RUBIA – not sure why we should be thankful that she’s back at Women. All of these recent bookings came through Supreme or Viva (I believe). Here’s hoping she doesn’t get forgotten about at Women again!

  5. All about Models says:

    It looks very pretty, I like it. It’s another amazing editorial of Maricarla

  6. gise says:

    agreed. icon status in the making. better than ever, mariacarla!

  7. push says:

    love love love

  8. Antonio Barros says:
  9. wing says:


  10. RUBRIA says:

    I am sorry if I made somebody mad about Mariacarla back at Women as a great new for me,I only think she was “the only one” at Supreme,nobody of her level was there..

  11. Calvin says:

    Those last few shots are very American Vogue, aren’t they? Regardless, I love her! PS: I remember getting confused thinking she was Bruna Tenorio vice versa during a runway show.

  12. allen21 says:

    She is beyond amazing!
    this woman is a true italian legend.
    she’s featured in vogue italia website.

  13. MDC_419851 says:


  14. MDC_419851 says:


  15. jorad says:

    love mariacarla
    she looks great

  16. trumancapote says:

    that s what FASHION s supposed to be…

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