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March 25th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (19)

When it comes to inspirations Vogue Hommes international, always thinks outside the box and in their latest issue they pay tribute to the unique style of Jean-Michel Basquiat with a special editorial. Ty Ogunkoya stars as the late artist, while Cedric Buchet shoots the biographical story – moving from Basquiat’s days as a graffiti artist, to his eventual conquering of the 80s art scene. Each member of the team brought something special to this story: Ty is cast perfectly in this role and brings the right blend of attitude and insouciance to his pictures and Anastasia Barbieri‘s styling combines the latest menswear with Basquiat’s signatures, like paint splattered trousers.






Image Credit | The Fashionisto

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  1. trumancapote says:

    it s defenetly not outside the box but it s abosolutlty amazinly well done

  2. All about Models says:

    It looks like a beautiful story, very nice attitude of Ty. Like it

  3. W says:

    love the editorial
    the second picture especially

  4. trev-o says:

    he is the perfect model to portray such an amazing glad they did this story

  5. stace says:


  6. Kim says:

    This made my day. WOW…and THANKS!

  7. Nigel S. says:

    More Ty please!
    He is so amazing and beautifully beautiful.
    Stealthily climbing on up the ladder this one.
    I hope he makes it big.

  8. gise says:

    fab. inspired. bravo!

  9. KS says:

    really good model.. his eye expressions nailed it..

  10. poo says:

    This is really well done and he’s perfect. Love it.

  11. CC says:


  12. Baby C says:

    GO TY!!!

  13. b says:


  14. Nick says:


  15. marvoi says:

    well done!

  16. FIGARO says:

    i love the 2nd picture,it’s so creative, love that smoke

  17. Rasa says:

    Ty-well done!!!

  18. tucson john says:

    TY should be crowned king!

  19. ofobuike okudoh says:

    tayo, joor oh! kip the nigerian flag flying, u make sense.omo naija ni wa.

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