A Girl Named Dree

March 24th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (19)

Dree Hemingway makes her way to the pages of iD, with a special feature that cements her it-girl status. The pictures by Sean Thomas are styled by none other than Dree herself and the accompanying article gives us a look at the thoughtful and introspective beauty who has become one of fashion’s most photographed faces.





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  1. All about Models says:

    Another stunning editorial from Dree, but I would like to see her on the runway too. Anyway, her presence is fantastic

  2. nicolas guillen says:

    Look’s like Havana the most beautiful city!!!!!!

  3. LD says:

    So I’m guessing this is the editorial that was shot at her great grandfather’s (Earnest) house. I was expecting more, you can barely see her.

  4. peterModelObsessed says:

    I think I just died.

  5. ellou says:

    she has such an ethereal coolness to her. great on film.

  6. page says:

    not that there’s anything wrong with it but she just screams urban outfitters models that made it. i still like her a lot though.

  7. damnthatlion says:

    Dree’s a lovely girl, but this is so nothing. If you’re going to take her to Hemingway’s house, have it mean something, don’t just rely on empty stock “saucy”.

  8. W says:

    sorry, but I don’t see anything in the editorial…
    she can do better than that


  9. Joe says:

    that’s a bit disapointing , one can barely see the styling

  10. Antonio Barros says:
  11. hanna says:

    this is in i-D magazine not Dazed!

  12. Sue in accounting says:

    Hemmingway, Cuba, b&w…so high school, so sexy….

  13. The Fat Lady says:

    i love the one where she’s reading the newspaper in bed. mmm.

  14. Justine says:

    a mix of Serena VanderWoodsen and Charlotte Gainsbourg…Genius! Love Love Love Dree! who cares about her own styling really, she’s naturaly cool, isn’t it enough?

  15. Salvador Penaloza says:

    I like the “Te garden of Eden” , good shot, congrats //Salvador

  16. peterModelObsessed says:

    Welcome to fresh, modern, American coolness….Dree is it!

  17. stace says:

    not impressive at all. nothing wrong with her, just that everything isn’t used to it’s full advantage.

  18. amelia says:

    this is cool!
    check out my blog 🙂


  19. b says:

    i was hoping for more, i think a shoot like this had a lot more potential.

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