Oh My Goddess!

March 24th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (41)

Daria Werbowy looks larger than life in the new issue of W. Mario Sorrenti shoots the supermodel looking like a classic sixties siren and Camilla Nickerson‘s sexy styling makes Daria look even more alluring than usual – with the way Daria is jumping and dancing across each page, we’re betting this editorial would look even better in motion.






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  1. stace says:

    smokin’ bod.

  2. Ris says:


  3. Oshcar says:

    Will forever be my number 1. She maybe the last supermodel. They don’t come like this anymore. She should be in top 5 icons ranking with Kate Moss, Natalia Vadianova and Cindy Crawford. Not sure who my fifth favorite would be but I think either Isabeli Fontana or Lara Stone.

  4. Ariel Aliaga says:

    She’s amazing!

  5. W says:

    Love the makeup and her body
    but the hair…oh my goodness, it looks like she just came from the Cat or Lion King musical…


  6. person says:

    prettyyy, dont usually like daria but this is great

  7. Mango says:

    She’s the one!

  8. max barnett says:

    she is looking very gisele in this editorial! great shots though 😀

  9. kayleaf says:

    Wow, that prada outfit looks even more stunning on Daria!!! Her editorials never fail to impress.

  10. Kate B. says:

    she is SUPERMODEL!!!!!

  11. AJP says:

    Wow all of these pics are superb! I have nothing bad to say whatsoever!!

  12. pedro dias says:

    …there is only one DARIA! the moves, the sex raw energy that she brings to the set….

  13. Ixca says:

    such a gorgeous girl… one of my favorites, I thing she is so unique

  14. Marina says:

    Oh My Goddess!
    i agree with Max.

  15. jw says:

    I agree with Stace! 😀

  16. All about Models says:

    It looks stunning. What an amazing editorial

  17. peterModelObsessed says:

    Daria evolved into this athletic, healthy, lean, fit sexy Goddess. I remember years ago when she used to missed a season, only to resurfaced looking skeletal and rumour mills are working. But Now she look very toned and comfortable with her amazing body.
    Like Gisele, shes fit, if not looks stronger and more high fashion. Her body is a good example for young girls to emulate.
    For me, she should have been the cover off Vogue’s shape issue.

  18. JT says:

    Nobody is as smoking hot as Daria.

  19. Marcus says:

    Really Hot! Oh my goodness, love her!


  20. Calvin says:

    I agree with Peter Model Obsessed. Daria has one of the best bodies out there and by that I mean she LOOKS healthy and toned. Those legs are fucking amazing, are they not????


  21. Lila says:

    I swear, Daria is just the best. That girl knows how to MODEL and use her body.

  22. gise says:

    super-model. glad to see her working it better than ever. also love what she did for h&m this season. she was gone and sad for a while. want to see her smile again!

  23. Nádia says:

    Pure supermodel sexiness! Daria rules! 🙂


  24. Aurora Crowley says:

    Beautiful! Amazing hair!

  25. michelly says:

    WOW one word, amazing! she truly is an amazing model. her and gisele have that same essence in my eyes. absolutely amazing. daria’s cheekbones dont quit!

  26. Anne says:

    She’s awesome and my favorite MODEL!

  27. Tyler says:

    She will forever be one of my favorites. She is exactly what a supermodel should be. She, in my opinion, is the last supermodel we will see for a few years. The girl knows her body, she knows her angles, she always knows where her light is, and SHE MOVES. She uses every part of her body right down to the strands of her hair to create something amazing. I love this girl.

  28. GP says:

    Awesome!! Her body talks more than her face. She has the grown up body like Naomi and Gisele. I usually like the slim model firgue like Natasha but Daria’s body here is to die for. Just can’t get over her. Amazing!!!

  29. FIGGORO says:

    the last pidture looks like Eniko’s editorial in Vogue China.

  30. Label Basher says:

    I’m confused Daria or Natalia. They’re really perfect for Clash of the Titans so they can clash together and will emerge as who’s the best.

  31. Antonio Barros says:

    Oh la la!!! Daria looks always more and more pretty!


  32. Robert says:


  33. Hanna says:


  34. Castor Reigns says:

    How many models can get a 16-page editorial in a major magazine, anymore? There’s one: Daria.

  35. trumancapote says:

    she looks better then ever but i dont really like the pix at all n so the stling…great make up n hair ( good job with all those extentions lol)

  36. Sarah says:

    her body is unbelievable. the best model I have seen in a long time. She not only has the body but a pretty face with a sexy look. I also admire that there is a muscular curvature to her body verses an unatural thinness

  37. Nigel S. says:

    “Venus in Dazzles”

    Daria is quite simply from another universe.
    Could she be any more amazing?
    And the answer is yes of course.
    Apparently she has a heck of alot more to give.

  38. Elvire says:

    2nd & 3rd pictures are “fwhaouu”… MAGNIFIQUE!

  39. KS says:

    Charlene Almarvez did that pose in the 2nd pic i think a year ago.. Daria is the 2nd one to pose like that.. =)

  40. b says:

    wow daria is amazing in everything she does….. slight ? on the hair but i think in an avedon way it works….

  41. m.L. says:

    daria is the queen.

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