Alexander the Great

March 16th, 2010 Posted by contributor comments (14)

As talks of the future of the McQueen label are in a swirl, the spirit of Lee lives on with his pre-fall 2010 Lookbook. Much like his F/W10 collection, the pieces shown by Liu Wen, Magdalena Jasek (Marilyn) and Marike Le Roux reveal a vision which is irreplaceable and will be forever missed. Modern Victoria and stained glass cathedrals come to mind as we include a few of our favorite looks from one of the last . (Story by Kristen Bolt)




Images courtesy of Marilyn (for Liu and Magdalena)

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  1. All about Models says:

    Liu + Marike look both beautiful in this shots!!!

  2. kingchic says:

    He was such a visionary. I could go on and on about his legacy living on, but I won’t on account of the communal understanding we in fashion all share about McQueen. Long live the Queen.


  3. jeremydante says:

    this is not a preview; the whole thing was released long ago.

  4. The Minx says:

    Oh my goodness these are all so beautiful. I love the last dress in particular.

  5. estmulleady says:

    we love you lee …. fashion never be the same without you

  6. Betty says:


    Whoever said it was a preview? Marilyn just sent it to us bec it’s 2 of their girls and we still can’t get over his passing and we wanted to post it….


  7. Pamela says:

    Whyyyyy, talented people should be immortal!!!! We miss you Mr. McQueen 🙁 This collection is beyond beautiful.

  8. Rodney says:


  9. Isis says:

    i love Liu Wen. she’s the best of asia.

  10. dxy says:

    Lee would always be remembered as a fashion icon.. So sad that he left us so early

  11. jeremydante says:

    that said, it is a great set & i mirror your discomfort with his recent passing.

  12. wendy-kristy says:

    They look both beautiful !!

  13. GP says:

    Still Cant’ believe he has gone. Will miss him and his creation forever..

  14. shubhantaj says:

    he was a great designer, and my favourite too,
    long live mc queen

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