Bits and Bytes: 17 designers for VMan

October 15th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (5)

The freefall of fashion as tied to the economy, otherwise known as “Thinning the Fashion Herd: The Imagist

Kate Moss talks: Fashionologie

For the Jessica White fans, her site is live: Jessica White

Guy Trebay on the “bare” essentials backstage: NY Times

Jourdan up for British fashion award: The Cut

JD Ferguson shoots 17 menswear designers for VMan. Interesting not only for the models they choose but to hear the designer’s thoughts on their collections: Click here to see Donatella, Giorgio, Ricardo Tischi and more.

Italo Zuccheli for Calvin Klein with Dennis, AJ, Reid, Matt, Jaime, Brittain, Blaine and Sean. Ph: JD Ferguson for VMAN

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  1. Guadeloupe says:

    Well, season after season Calvin Klein proves that diversity was just a marketing tool after all.

  2. 1Talent says:

    Exactly Guadeloupe. It really is just evidence of a severe psychological defect in many/most of the fashion establishment. Insipid really

  3. izzard says:

    haaa, they look good with lipstick.

  4. crazy joe says:

    Reid and Brittan are the only ones who look like models…

  5. poo says:

    Gives lie to the notion that if you only book the same type of model, the clothes and not the models will stand out. There’s something that really stands out in that Calvin picture and it isn’t the clothes. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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