Fashion for Haiti

February 9th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (8)


Friday, February 12th, looks to be a jam packed day with fashion people thinking outside the insular bubble in which it normally exists. 2 events are happening: Alessandra Ambrosio and Coco Rocha‘s Open Your Heart Benefit for Lakay Pam and Naomi Cambell’s Fashion For Relief show (click banner below to buy tickets). We’ll be there to lend our support, will you?


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  1. Samira says:

    At least, that’s a really good idea. I’ll looking forward for it

  2. Marcus says:
  3. Tomo says:

    Can’t wait for the London show

  4. Fernanda says:

    wow! i can´t will be there, but i will the pics here! =S

  5. TpC says:

    i like the poster with chaplin… also reminds me of the painter guy on sesame street circa 70s who would go around painting numbers on everything.

  6. Kim says:

    Betty and MDC- thanks bringing attention to these important events.

  7. sephoria says:

    Thats a really good idea, we always get the movie stars and pop stars doing something that raises awarness, so its good that fashion can do it aswell

  8. Antonio Barros says:

    I wish I could be there!

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