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October 1st, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (5)

Steven Meisel knows how to to get fashion fanatics chomping at the bit. Vogue Italia has remained on the cutting edge due in large part to his purity of vision. The upcoming October issue is no exception to the rule. With a stellar cast that includes enigmatic girls like Viktoriya Sasonkina, Sessilee Lopez and cover star Anna J, Meisel pushes glamour to the limit. The Young Independents editorial is slick, sleek and sublime. No one does it better.

Viktoriya Sasonkina (Women), Sessilee Lopez (Major) Anna J (Next)

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  1. ryder says:

    can meisel be more perfect. no. excelent as always!!!

  2. J says:

    Love the clothes, the composition, the models, EVERYTHING.

  3. Keesean says:


  4. ryan says:

    Meisel doesn’t give a shit and his game is always thick and saucy. Ragu and Prego. yea, beautiful

  5. DooDiva says:

    Steven Meisel knows how made anything looks hotter. Good work, Steven!

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