Miranda Rights

January 21st, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (25)

Miranda Kerr continues her crossover success with a brand new editorial in Vogue Russia. The babyfaced Aussie beauty shows a different side of herself to Willy Vanderperre in the charming back to nature story and with the help of Olivier Rizzo‘s bohemian styling and the free spirited mood of the images, Miranda’s look is a complete 180 from the persona she puts forth for Victoria’s Secret.


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  1. Marcus says:

    She looks pretty and I like the editorial! The last one is probably my top favorite from this shoot.


  2. peterModelObsessed says:

    I want to sign up for Miranda Rights, lol!

    Her body can still pull off a High Fashion .

    Love everything on it……..a perfect blend of sexiness and high fashion

  3. peterModelObsessed says:

    Is Miranda as sweet as her smile? I always see her as somebody who doesnt throw a diva attitude, always pleasant and every good always comes her way.

    am I wrong? lol

  4. donna says:

    I would be the last to agree, but she pulls it off. The second shot worthy of the Magdalena F and Natasha P!!

  5. darth020 says:

    personally i think she should stick to what she does best; a sexy Victoria Secret babe.I m not sure that this crossover thingy is working for her,she didnt make any impression on me at the Balenciaga show but in this story she looks totally out of place,sorry guys!;-)

  6. nikko says:

    I love Miranda! I just hate the fact that she’s a very commercial! . I want her to be In High Fashion!

  7. peterModelObsessed says:

    Let me see…….Hmmm is it just me or this looks like a Pirelli calendar 2003?

  8. peterModelObsessed says:

    ^^^concept-wise I mean?

  9. Mango says:

    The second one is soo beautiful

  10. Oussenko says:

    Beautiful session! I bought the magazine today. On paper it looks even more beautiful!

  11. Samira says:

    Miranda looks younger + fresher than ever. WOW
    Strong editorial love it

  12. peterModelObsessed says:


    I’m sure Ms Miranda is sticking to what she does best, The Face of VS. Why not? she’s being paid the Big Bucks!!! Miranda, I’m sure is doing this High Fashion thing to expand herself, Do all aspects that she can to build a good body of work. She doesn’t even need to do it, because VS made her rich. I dont think you have to be sorry for that, lol.

  13. GP says:

    I don’t actually find her sexy when she has her clothes on. I would love to see more of her than just VS. She can do high fashion, just need to try different look and forget “I am a VS model”

  14. Holly says:

    Does anyone find her arm in the third picture…weird?

  15. TJ says:

    Major!!! Living for the first two shots!! I cant wait to see more editorials with her!!

    I dont understand this whole crossover thing… I have been waiting for her to do high fashion for so long… I was shocked when she first became an angel because I remember thinking she looked so editorial… maybe just me!



  16. lala says:

    the photos are WICKEDLY GORGEOUS! she’s definitely my favorite.

  17. marvoi says:

    it’s not too far from her vs look…

  18. Calvin says:

    That 3rd pic is INSANE. Love the pose, love the look, love the setting and loving how hot Miranda is! Awesome.


  19. Sean says:

    in the 3rd picture she looks like Natalia V. a little. isnt she?

  20. misslikey says:

    like brunette Heidi

  21. peterModelObsessed says:

    Heidi is much more commercial than her.

  22. JLMnnqx says:

    Love her first and third outfits.
    Not a particular fan of the editorial, however Miranda is so pretty, it makes up for it.


  23. Tglove says:

    I’m loving her for the crossover…Especially after walking for Givenchy for SPring 2010…I didnt even recongize her. Adriana from VS as well became the face of Givenchy, unreconizable as well. I LOVE IT.

  24. thenakulo says:

    foto yang sangat bagus..nice…

  25. Jin Hi says:

    she is so beautiful..ToT

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