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January 19th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (29)

Constance Jablonski makes her American Vogue debut in an equestrian themed editorial by Raymond Meier. Styled by Elissa Santisi and shot in beautiful jewel tones, the story emphasizes the best new accessories and Meier’s signature hyperreal style. With her sculpted features and flair for drama, Constance looks completely in place within this heightened reality. Add to this the fact that it is always nice to see a fresh face within the staid pages of Vogue’s flagship.





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  1. eyesuckink says:

    its actually pretty boring…….

  2. Charlotte says:

    Oh wow, these look amazing!
    Her legs look a little thin, though…

  3. Todd Solondz says:

    You can’t have online passive aggressiveness without ellipsis. The…more…dots…the…more…pain…………………………

    Constance looks good! Rather see her than the usual US Vogue girls. So tired of seeing Sasha/Karlie/etc.

    More dots………

  4. MaoaM says:

    I knew about her the first time Ive seen her

  5. Mike Smith says:

    Constance looks amazing!!!

  6. Mango says:

    Contance is something else <3

  7. A real model! says:

    American Vogue is always so boring, but she looks very good!

  8. hamilton says:

    SHE’s always the best girl!!!

    she’s FRESH!!!!


  9. Josh says:

    for some reason, i like constance on the runway but not in photographs.

  10. Samira says:

    She’s a lovely indeed. But I think she’s probably overrated, but no way, she’s a beauty

  11. Amber says:

    She looks good but this editorial is ZzzzZzzzZzzzz…

  12. carola says:

    Constance in Vogue?? omg!! And you know, even if the model in this story were Gisele, it would still be boring, that’s what Raymond Meier does best.

  13. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Constance made this story boring due to her Blank stare.

    Cons is good on the runway, but she looks blank on print.

    Great legs, though!

  14. alejandro says:

    I agree that this is mostly boring. The problem I have is with her facial expression–in every single pic, not doing much.

  15. luis sandoval says:

    i dont understand when u say is so boring i mean is fashion and is beautiful clothes, beautiful girls, beautiful locations…i dont think is boring is what is should be.. american vogue is not french vogue with nudity or crazy pics is a ladi like style u liked or not..buy french or italian vogue if u wanna see other things but i liked american vogue…..

  16. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Unlike Constance, Sasha P’s stare is just energetic and electrical.

  17. PeterModelObsessed says:

    @Todd Solondz

    and That is why Vogue kept using Sasha P because of her magnificent campaign presence.

  18. Creative Opulence says:

    Raymond Meier is a photographic genius…his fashion shoots all have his unique space aged, glowing color theme but always original and creative. Love it.


  19. carola says:

    I LOVE Constance on print, she takes amazing pictures, and yes it looks boring due to her blank stare but 90% of these Meier editorials are like that, very nice spaces and accesories, I’m not complaining about the way the clothes are photographed, but he probably asks the models to pose a certain way, a very boring way.

    Constance is electrifying both on print and runway!

  20. PeterModelObsessed says:

    I agree , Raymond Meier’s work is fresh, vibrant and lush! Colors are beautiful. The pose is just a bit stiff and robotic, and expression is kinda blank.

  21. ff says:

    Love Constance hope she’d be a regular in Vogue, and I totally agree with Luis everyone is saying American Vogue is so boring but is no true American Vogue is actually a more reachable approach to the mad world of fashion, that’s the reason why it’s the most sold fashion magazine in the world, I also love French and Italian Vogue but those are different intended to cause a different impresion.

  22. Tim says:

    When i look at her, it s like a flashback in the 90s! She is fantastic!!!

  23. Ashburn Eng says:

    stunning face!

  24. FOTOGRAFY says:
  25. modellobello says:

    Constance is very beautiful here! The colors nice! The whole thing = boring! American vogue = boring!!!!! American vogue needs some spice in the editorials, cover, and models! It makes the edgyest models into stoic manikins. They should also maybe try asian models!!!!! It needs to try to stop focusing on the safe mass and rather focus on spice!

  26. coco lee says:

    it is nicely put together she looks fab

  27. neo says:

    FF: American Vogue is NOT the most sold fashion magazine in the world, mass marketed publications such as Glamour or Elle have a MUCH larger circulation in terms of sales. But yes, US Vogue does sell more than French or Italian, that’s true.

  28. Christopher Y says:

    Oh my dear… Constance is amazing but I think there’s something really wrong about the picture selection… first of all, the pose looks really amateur and uninspired… the styling is HORRENDOUS!!! the hair, make-up and styling just doesn’t glue with the lighting and concept!!! ARRGGGH!!! i wanna see more GRACE CODDINGTON!!! 🙂 as for NEO, I think what you said is valid… i wish French and Italian Vogue have higher circulation cus i’m always amazed when i flip thru them, but i always end up not buying them cus i don’t understand the language… and it’s too expensive for me to just buy them for their editorials…

  29. gise says:

    dull dull dull… yet beautiful legs indeed.

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