Yulia Opens Jil

September 23rd, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (6)

Milan’s first star is born! Women Management’s Yulia Kharlapanova put her graceful austerity to good use opening Jil Sander. Yulia’s combination of personality and beauty have made her a coveted choice this season.

Yulia Kharlapanova | Images Courtesy Women Management

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  1. horst says:

    charlotte gainsbourg – beuty mark

  2. that girl says:

    i mean she’s beautiful. but boring. yawn

  3. Janelle says:

    If there is one thing Yulia isn’t it’s boring – her personality is sparkling and as time passes I think everyone will have the chance to see that.


  4. jeremy says:

    janelle you go girl! well said. Yulia has really come into her own over the last season.

  5. calvin says:

    I love yulia she is really a sweetheart

  6. C-la-Créative says:

    I love love love her! She is so beautiful! She reminds me a little bit of Eva Mendes…

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