Coupe de Grace

January 11th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (7)

Previewed last June on OTM, right after his exclusive turn in Prada’s Spring/Summer show, Jacob Coupe is reigning supreme right this moment. Glorious editorials appearing weekly plus today’s Prada campaign means they are fielding a massive amount of requests for this young Englishman. The photographer is a most unexpected choice to be revealed with the unveiling of the main campaign. (pic from tfs)

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  1. Samira says:

    Gorgeous, love his cold facial expression

  2. ModelWatcher says:

    He is amazing, defiantly a star right now. I cant wait to see what happens for him next.

  3. Flash. says:

    I think Jacob will be the biggest model in 2010.

  4. frodo says:

    Loo-kin Bil-BO

  5. *Monika* says:


  6. Etrolover says:

    his lips have a weird deflated look to them o_O

  7. Marilyn says:


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