Blonde Ambition

September 19th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (11)

The Vogue Paris party does not stop! Yasmin Warsame, fresh from her turn in July’s now legendary issue of Vogue Italia dons a blonde wig and heaps of attitude in October’s Vogue Paris. The Testino Afro-Disiaque story sees Yasmin at her wildest and most distinctive, proof that some girls only get better with time.

Yasmin Warsame by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris | Images courtesy of Nathalie Agency

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  1. KM says:

    I Love this! It’s so great to see Yasmin back in action, better than ever! The third “smoking” photo is very reminiscent of classic Linda Evangelista/Juergen Teller…wonderful!

  2. bloggerquest says:

    oh, what, so now Vogue Paris has their own black issue?

  3. Fred says:

    Absolutely flawless. The epitome of a model

  4. Betty says:

    What do you mean? Vogue Paris has their own black issue? Because they have Yasmin? and Lakshmi? (who’s Indian?) This is a perfect example of integrating beautiful models of color into a high fashion magazine, that one does not have to be “white” to carry a strong editorial.

    I say, this Vogue Paris, looks amazing!


  5. ryder says:

    this is a real surprise. vogue paris with editorails like these 2. im very much impressed!

    the photos of both, l.menon, and yasmin are stunning!

  6. poo says:

    Yasmin is the greatest. Not a fan of this hair. I hope we get to see her in her natural glory in Paris Vogue soon.

  7. u_magazine says:

    this is why i love vogue paris and carine roitfeld. i think black is always beautiful. no doubt about it. i dont think its a vogue paris black issue. carine will do it.

  8. Indigo says:


  9. RandomGuy says:

    Yasmine!!! Well, I guess I’ll have to buy another Vogue that I really don’t want just because I love one model. Yasmine is perfection as always…..

  10. Modelkid3000 says:

    this freakin awesome!! esp. the last pic… breathtaking

  11. KimG says:

    I love Yasmin!!! I’ve been following her career for a number of years and she is absolutely a breathtaking stunner. Yasmine, you really rocked this past Summer’s Vogue Italia. What a fashion spread…you are so damn exotic and a great mentor and friend to another Somalian beauty/model that I adore….Ubah.

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