Into the Woods

January 11th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (11)

No one creates more original flights of fancy than Nick Knight, the photographer’s otherworldly style is perfectly suited to showing off the most imaginative pieces and in this month’s British Vogue he crafts an editorial that is pure magic. Natalia Vodianova wears one of a kind designer looks, as she’s surrounded by an abundance of twigs and branches, the presentation is unique, as are the ensembles styled by Lucinda Chambers.



Natalia V

Natalia by Nick Knight | Image Credit, Fearless123 at tFS

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  1. marvoi says:


  2. Samira says:

    Wonderful and amazing work of Nathalie. If you know she has already a child. And also a strong work of Nick!

  3. Oshcar says:

    Very nice work here. She is beautiful. But the editorial alone just feels fresh. Like a newborn bird reaching out of its nest.

  4. ray says:

    natalia is really gorgeous! and i like how this photographer used the light to show what he wants to describe in photographs.. it’s really cool!

  5. says:

    Very cool !

  6. Josh says:

    These photos are so refreshing. I wish American Vogue would branch out like this and take a chance.

  7. FOTOGRAFY says:

    Wow, that is soooo ace!

  8. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    AB FABU!

  9. AURORA says:

    Sweet! Amazing!!

  10. Ron says:

    Simply Stunning!
    I love Nick Knight’s work!

  11. Mango says:

    Very impressive

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