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January 8th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (28)

You can’t go wrong with simplicity, sometimes the best campaigns are the ones that just make the clothes and the girls look beautiful. Case in point, three of Spring’s finest ads are all about loveliness : Gianfranco Ferre’s campaign goes for elegance with a dramatic shot of Dree Hemingway by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Fendi offers up a stunning shot of Anja Rubik in a field of flowers shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself and Blumarine shows the Doutzen Kroes looking perfect as always for Patrick Demarchelier.

What is your favorite S/S 10 campaign thus far?




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  1. Varón says:

    Dree is the new Kate Moss

  2. Samira says:

    I have never expected Dree would be booked so well. It’s a surprise

  3. MDC_270808 says:

    To Varón: Puhhh-leezz!

  4. Gracie says:

    New Kate Moss, eh? I’ve heard this one before. And we know how that ended. There’s no such thing as a new Kate Moss. She’s completely unique. People may imitate, but there’s only one Kate.

    I like Fendi. Perhaps the only campaign of this season I liked. Still boring, but slightly fresher than all the rest.

  5. SERONT says:

    Dree Heminway?She has beauty, but not THAT remarkable

  6. carola says:

    I just hope at some point I see a picture of Dree that makes me change my mind, I still don’t see anything extraordinary about her as a model.

    Love Anja in Fendi, she always makes me wanna buy everything she has on.

    Finally the super hot Doutzen, she’s such a rare find, wish more models looked like this.

  7. cris says:

    Glad to see Doutzen back in HF ad

  8. aussie says:

    OMFG Doutzen … She is looking awesome!
    I am glad to see her back in a HF campaign.
    (where she belongs)

  9. Backless says:

    none of these

  10. Mary says:

    I agree with Carola , Anja sells so good..all the brands she´s the best of this three..she always blows me away..
    I think I´ve got a crush on her Lol!

  11. lasher says:

    boring!!!!…i’ll save only Fendi……..i do not see anything special in Dree,eccept her last name…….

  12. Eamon says:

    When I first saw Fendi I had to check it wasn’t Jacquetta Wheeler! It is the best of the 3 for sure.

    Blumarine looks really un-retouched, and I haven’t decided if it looks cheap or refreshing because of it.

    And with Dree, I still see a surname and not a model.

  13. LAILA says:

    doutzen looks a bit like fergie here and ive seen her looking better.

  14. Mango says:

    God, I love all three of these ads.

  15. paco says:

    i just don’t like blumarine ad, it looks REALLY cheap for me. not!
    and the others two are good, not amazing, but ok.

  16. lasher says:

    correct!anja loks like jacquetta in this pic!!!!

  17. lasher says:

    looks:) pardon me!!

  18. Marilyn says:

    like Inez van Lamsweerde and Kroes

  19. misslikey says:

    just love ck ads and tho not in love ferre this ad is okay

  20. *Monika* says:

    That’s a beautiful picture of Dree, great hair. Anja always sexy cool and I just loved that collection by Blumarine, beautiful colors, perfection on Doutzen. She’s just soooooooooooo gorgeous.

  21. gabrielle says:

    not really a fan of any of the ads. and i agree blumarine looks somewhar cheap

  22. JStarks says:

    I love the simplicity of Blumarine Ad.

  23. Joey says:

    Dree looks like she knows how to move. She does marvelous in front of the camera.

    Anja for Fendi is a bit to boring. She’s not performing good enough to fit the collection.

    As soon as I saw Doutzen for Blumarine, I said, “SCORE!!!”

  24. peterModelObsessed says:

    I love Dree. The girl understands fashion. She knows style and how to work the clothes. She has a BIG career ahead of her, post modelling, I bet.

    I love this shot of Doutzen but alas, the other shot in the series looked uncomfortable. Doutzen is a VS model not high fashion. Both are great, so lets not debate on this and just leave it at that.

    Anja is super popular right now, I think its her newly sleekier figure, and fierce styling. I love the fairy in the forest theme for Fendi. Anja’s career is to the roof…..her and Natasha P, Isabelli Fontana proves that you can have a long shelve life in modelling if you maintain your moneymaker, err figure/face/mystique, lol

  25. GP says:

    Anja for Fendi!!!

  26. vintageface says:

    I agree that the blumarine ad is not Doutzen’s greatest shot, and it is very boring. I loved the ones taht featured Natasha Poly a few seasons back. I think she has so many other gorgeous photographs.

    Well, Anja is a VS model too, you know.

    Especially love the Fendi one most. Although it seems pretty boring, she definately is working the camera hard.

  27. A.K. says:

    Doutzen is looking stunning!
    The only pretty thing in fashion these days

  28. Lv says:

    I don’t like Dree in my opinion she is nothing special and less if you compare her to other models

    I like Anja’s ad and love Fendi this season

    As for Doutzen, she is just the best for me, I’m so glad to see her again in HF (where she belongs!!) I hope she returns or at least do more HF

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