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January 6th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (20)

British Vogue serves up a host of fresh Spring looks on modeling’s freshest faces : Daniel Jackson shoots Mirte Maas, Constance Jablonski, Patricia van der Vliet and Alla Kostromichova wearing the best of the new collections as chosen by stylist, Kate Phelan.  The girls shine in unique looks from Moschino, Dior and Balenciaga and the studio edit gives them a chance to show off their best poses.








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  1. Kate R. says:

    The first pic for Moschino is beautiful. Others dint attract the attention at all…

  2. Samira says:

    It’s really nice the concept. I like Mirte in that editorial. SO gladly to see she’s finaly a well booked model

  3. Trev-o says:

    these r mediocre they dont compliment eachother at all

  4. Christine G. says:

    Mirte is the cutest! Glad she’s doing so well

  5. mr.t says:

    now that’s an fun editorial. WOW.

  6. Mathias says:

    Constance is the superstar in this ed!!!!!

  7. Pamela says:

    That picture for Burberry is WAY BETTER than the actual campaign

  8. russabella says:

    beautiful lineup

  9. Macus says:

    I love this editorial, so much fun there!

    Balenciaga totally works for me!

  10. Antonio Barros says:
  11. carola says:

    Nice, that b&w pic of Constance is amazing.. Also looooove Alla and I agree, Mirte is so cute!

  12. ellen says:


  13. GP says:

    Love it, I always love the way Vogue showing the new collection. Fun

  14. marvoi says:

    fun editorial =]

  15. Mango says:

    I love it, I can’t even pick one who did it best. They all delivered!

  16. Ocean says:

    The CK one all the way 🙂

  17. Josh says:

    In a sea full of blondes, Alla steals the show on this one.

  18. Marilyn says:

    love the shoes in the last image and love the sixt image

  19. Marcus says:

    i fell in love with constance the moment i saw her.

  20. Jovi Monreve says:

    omg omg omg!!!

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