The Next One: River Viiperi

January 5th, 2010 Posted by contributor comments (20)


River Viiperi. Ph: Greg Vaughan courtesy of Major Models.

The 18-year-old model from Ibiza, Spain, earned himself quite a bit of attention after he was featured in quick succession in a Hero Magazine story and the December cover for new online magazine 160 Grams magazine. Expect River’s masculine yet charmingly boyish energy to appear in a future issue of V with the formidable Hedi Slimane/Nicola Formichetti team. With the F/W 2010 show season rapidly approaching, we expect this fresh talent to ignite only the most coveted catwalks. (story by Gary Mazrek)


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  1. jeremydante says:

    BOYISH beauty.

  2. Baby C says:


    Go River.

  3. Marilyn says:

    sexy a lil

  4. Marcus says:

    He is going to be very famous! He totally has the look for being a super model!

  5. carola says:

    God, he’s hot..

  6. Samira says:

    I can only agree. I believe he’ll become huge.

  7. misslikey says:

    very adorable and very star

  8. Mango says:

    Sexy 🙂

  9. Nigel S. says:

    River is absolutely one to watch. Indeed indeed. Bound to blow up.

    I’d put Adam Cole (swoooon) @ Boss,
    Christian Jorgensen and Ross Higgins on that list too, amongst several great new faces. These guys have got more than some personality.

  10. Polo Henriquez says:

    I’m totally disagree. I mean, just look at him, it’s a blonde sean o’pry. Fashion it’s about changes and new stuffs, not about have the same kind of models a million of times. I think he gots what it needs to become a model, but im not sure about become a Supermodel as well. Sorry :/

  11. michael says:

    He’s so beautiful.

  12. ... says:
  13. tony long says:

    he’s got a good look, common but good

  14. Shaniqua says:

    River is actually amazing. Thanks.

  15. Aphila says:

    Polo Henriquez don’t be a HATER!!! River is going to be a star and you are going to choke on your words or your own vomit!!

  16. Wen Skool says:

    New amazing talent, have being reading about this boy for some time now, and will keep doing it! i think he is going to be major! and don’t mind some comments think that sean o’pry is one of the bigest ones now so, if they think you are like him that means that you are going to be huge aswell! good luck! xoxo WS

  17. Jed says:

    He looks amazing, boyish yet there is such obvious sexuality in him. Looking forward seeing him in edits and campaigns soon!

  18. Wen Skool says:

    just found out in a blog that he might be exclusive with CK this season! i’m so excited to see how it goes! GOOD LUCK!i’ll keep an eye on you! WS

  19. Scorbelli says:

    Yes River Viiperi is a very new talent,

    CoverMen Mag! has just posted a nice interview with him.

    Here the link:

  20. Ralph says:

    River will be soon one of the very best in the model industry….ammazing

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